Conan is free this weekend

a weekend is a short time maybe just enough to download and play a view hours, 40 GB + updates, in peak download speed 8.8 MB/s < this a whole afternoon.
And all the new player we should warm welcome can only play officialservers because on privat servers running mods fighting like every weekend with updates.
We request not update mods in prime time but it is sense free to ask moder if the they would care, they will not. and we understand doing great jobs in need of applause and stroking belly.
so with good luck some play login in the short timeframe where all mods up to date. for them who are playing and not note there again updates is all fine, all other can not login the game. this is a good reason to be angry and it is annoying. our gamer community break for this reason. And everybody know there will change nothing.
so lovely new player protect yourself and not play with all this lovely mods, who keep this game together and alive. Because it not take long and you play prety much alone.

I cant get on my server because of the free weekend.

Oh well

Then come to our server Schlangenfalle

Nah. I got on. A lot of new faces. Helped people get aquainteded with the game and kill some boss monsters. Unlocked some boxes with Skeli Keys for them. Daggers of nameless days for 1 and a vaulting pole for another.

2 hours until the server goes PVP and hospitality turns to screams of rage and suffering.

I’ll be making stone consolidant so I will only imagine what horrors will be taking place on Noob river.

The tears will shed. And I’ll just eat my feast of Jhebal Sag in their memory.

I got to play on PC for the first time. I like the keyboard scheme a lot better than the controller on my Xbox. I will be taking advantage of the sale!

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