Conan object sync

I’m wondering how conan synchronizes the game objects.

Is funcom using some base synchronization code found in UE4?
did they ‘grow their own’?

Any information would be most useful.

That’s an odd thing to casually wonder about

Any particular reason for it?

I’m not sure why that’s an odd thing to question. It’s the only thing i think of while waiting 30-60 seconds for my inventory to load in after warping either home or to a hub location. It seems to happen more frequently when there are more than 20+ players online.

and since everyone is complaining, it makes me wonder if the communications are single threaded. are the packets prioritized properly. are some lossy while others are required delivery. are timestamps utilized on container descriptions and do they push container ids/timestamps to the client thereby allowing for better caching.

then, of course comes the question whether or not they created the protocol themselves or are they just using a basic object synchronization mechanism shipped with UE4.

this is the kind of thing i’ve done for a living for a number of years… it’s just how i think.

when it’s disrupting the game i’m playing… i think of how to fix it.

Because it is a bit too specific for any random people to be casually wondering about that and of course the motivation behind such a question obviously matters and determines whether potential responders treat this as a “yet another backseat developer trying to ‘fix’ things because they got annoyed by something” or perhaps a “potential modder wondering about how to approach creating a mod” or just somebody interested in the tech aspect of things “striking up a completely neutral discussion topic out of curiosity”…

So to backtrack a bit…

As I understand it this is the first version… you got frustrated in game and this is actually trying to build up towards some very elaborate complaint. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, it merely seems contradictory to your opening statement… hence why I asked for details…

Because you said “Any information would be most useful.” - how exactly? Like… suppose you actually find something legit to point out that is causing this particular slowdown (which is unlikely as you don’t have access to the source code unless you’re actually a Funcom employee), would you be able to fix it? No… Could you complain about it more specifically… I suppose.

The part that people often forget is that the developers who made this also did this for a living :slight_smile:

In any case to answer you questions… from what I can tell, it’s a mix of both. Certain things they replicate with UE methods while for some other things they have some pretty elaborate custom C++ replication in place and no it’s not single-threaded and yes there is packet prioritization. I don’t think this helped you in any way though :slight_smile:

As for the complaints… that’s just what people do… but yes, lately there have been some issues, however the lag and loading times and such - while some of that you can attribute to the network code an overwhelming amount of it is down to really bad gportal servers and configurations that just starve the server program of resources so official servers are running like :poop: pretty much. There are apparently some private servers out there with like ~70 concurrent players and a bunch of mods that don’t suffer this problem.

incorrect. this depends on how it was implemented… which goes to my original question. If they utilized UE4’s methods entirely then i could get the source and look into improving the protocol for a game like conan. i could then see about submitting a change via git (if EpicGames allows for updates) and if so, Funcom could try pulling that branch and testing how well it works with their game without much modification (again, this would only work if they utilized UE4s object synch entirely).

If they built their own protocol then yes, it’d be difficult/impossible to find a proper solution without working with the code.

most recently, i’ve been on a modded server with 30-40 people and the lag starts to be an issue around 25. it is hosted by gportal, so their setups could be the issue. some evenings, 3-6 server fps is common… and makes things fairly unplayable.

Well no, what I meant is that it’s their game and they only include what they want in it, not what we tell them to :joy: However I like the elaborate thinking :slight_smile:
(Also it’s on an older version of UE4 - 4.15.3 and it’s highly customized so I doubt they would pull any updates from Epic anymore even if someone did go back and alter things)

That’s actually better than the officials still, but yes it’s most likely down to the gportal server.
Again there is no question that things could be better optimized and even on the blueprint front (which we can see in the devkit) there are “shortcuts” taken and obvious half-implemented systems etc that were sort of “left there” due to lack of time / resources most likely, but every issue seems to be way more amplified on gportal and there is some very good feedback of how the same migrated server suddenly runs miles better from other providers.

It would be nice if Funcom put a bit of a pressure on them though - I imagine they have contracts binding them to gportal else they would’ve moved ship by now, but still officials are running even worse than you described so it would be nice if by some miracle gportal suddenly picked up the slack :stuck_out_tongue:

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