Conan ps4 is a joke raided out of hours


So on server 3205 two clans have meshed through the water into our base this morning taking all our work thralls and bench stuff

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Be carefull …

Someone can enter your base behind you before the doors closed.

Sleep in your base, wake up in the night or morning when you are offline, take all the bench stuff and thralls and escape with a midnight potion.

I have already done that, and there is no exploit or cheating :slight_smile:

Or he enter your base with a mesh trick. When you live in a cave, be sure you cover the floor with foundations.

We have 30/40 doors no one was online we have foundations on the floor we live at barracks and they using the water glitch to mesh through and take everything one has admited it to me in messages and the other clan has mesh under sinkhole

Worse thing is 2 clans got banned on this server for meshing but we have just lot all working thralls it’s a pistake and funcom won’t do anything every server we have been on we are fighting people who mesh its a joke

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Barracks are super bugged
Glitchers can enter throw the floor and place bombs throw the walls. So you should build foundations on the floor and walls

Thing is we did that so we confused going to move upstairs

You can also put down false chests and vaults to make them waste materials. If you are not prepared/able to move to a less vulnerable place/server, and you know about glitch raid zones, put some fake stuff to act as the buffer. Let them waste materials on that and let them mesh-exploit to access nothing - or drop junk in for them to have.
I have seen bases that have pushed empty vaults into the mesh and then started building so they have to get through the vaults only to find that there’s walls after that. You could always try basing yourselves close to a green wall too. Not always convenient, but makes it really fatal for raiders if they make a mistake :wink:

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?? How? The potion has a very low expiration timer. And you probably cannot craft a cauldron, while being in another base.

Just use the cauldron of the enemy base and bring with you the indredients :slight_smile:

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Oh, in PvP you can really use enemies stuff? Didnt know that. Yeah, then its a legit technic. You have to be sneaky :smiley:

But they don’t do that they swim up and drop the stuff decay it and the other thing is the clan have admitted to using 4k bombs and haven’t got close to our base

Or you can bring a pet/horse which has one in it’s inventory

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