Conan Purge Help

I’m new to the game, but I found that if you don’t really wanna have to keep rushing back to your base, to beat whatever horde of beasts are coming to destroy your favorite base, just build right next to a three skull boss. You’ve gotta build far enough away that he will not have a problem respawning but close enough that he will take on the horde. It helps if you know which way the horde is coming from. I’m parked close to the Rhino boss. He’s the toughest regular beast that I’ve met so far, & I’m really close to Sepermaru, so I have easy enough access to thralls. You’ll still have to build a sturdy enough base, but it’s really not that hard. I’m still learning how to do certain things, but I haven’t learned sorcery yet, & I’ve made it through 3 purges, so that’s alright with me.


This certainly is a help to some point, but I would not rely on this solution forever.

Huge part of this game is searching, trying new things, learning from your mistakes and making new procautions eventually.

Boss or miniboss near your base can help you dealing with purge from the start, but your defense should not end there. Because when you build in end game areas, the purge is going to be much harder. That’s why you need to get strong thralls and also think about building strategy.

When your base get bigger, the purge can also spawn inside and that’s why it doesn’t end behind your base walls. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

This is not a good advice. Soon enough you’ll have to expand your base and you’ll have a greater population of thralls and pets! Without knowing it, this boss for several reasons will attack to your thralls and kill them all the time, especially in online servers that people will bring bosses next to your base in order to kill easy and gain the key. So learn to build away ftom them, purges eventually won’t be that hard :wink:.
Yet… Congrats exile, I wish you more excitement in the game, I am happy for you :+1:t6:.

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