Conan should be PvG not PvP

This is unbelievable, it’s not game players vs players, it’s just player versus game.
After update…

  1. Player list is nonclickable.
  2. When running, charackter just walk and stamina drops. (blocking run) This is very very annoying, cant run when someone atack you.
  3. Since last month i have one error ce-34878-0 on PS4 pro, yesterday i have this error twice time.
  4. Harvesting decreased by half (official server reset settings?)
  5. I have version PL, and now i have three language (PL, GB, DE) for example in the journal, it is written in English, sometimes in German, thralls named are in my language, and inside inventory they have named in English.
  6. Look, this building, is standing straight?
    Normally yes. It happens so suddenly that everything is bent, you have to get out of the game and come back again. Even character is slanted.

I greet patient and stubborn players.

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The term is actually PvE (Player versus Environment), and there are servers specifically for PvE.

As for all of your points;

  1. This is a known bug caused by yesterday’s patch.
  2. If you’re losing stamina simply by walking and trying to run, it sounds like you’re encumbered, try taking items out of your inventory to lighten the load. There is a perk to avoid this, called Momentum, but requires 50 (maximum) in the Encumbrance stat.
  3. This game is known to have issues on the PS4 Pro unfortunately.
  4. Can’t say if that is true, or was intended, I play single player.
  5. This could be an error in the game’s coding, a bug, or just untranslated text for certain items.
  6. That just looks bizarre, it’s as if the camera is being handled by a drunken cameraman.

I’ve been playing for months, do you think I would not notice that I’m overloaded/encumbered? This is bug.
When you turn the camera or run sideways, everything is fine, and it is not a controller failure.

You’re rather vague with your post, there’s one thing you aren’t explaining, if it’s happening while in a fight/getting attacked, constantly or at random. Just saying what is happening won’t help, you need to explain the situations it’s occurring in. There are several possible causes;

  • If you’re being attacked and this is happening, it’s possible you’re being afflicted with Cripple, since that slows movement speed, meaning you’d be moving slower, but still consuming stamina trying to run.
  • Since you’ve mentioned gather rates on Officials changing, it could be lag or an issue with the server, maybe ask other players on the server if they are experiencing the same problem/s.

Only other possible thing I can suggest is to try it in single player too, see if it happens there as well.

We do not understand each other, it happens for no a reason, I wrote that if someone attacked me, I could not escape because it was blocking, but not if he hit me, but if he chased me.
It happens only in my case, but, i think two updates were previously, its happening to other users.

I’ve noticed that if I toggle sprint and slow down to a walk without untoggling or coming to a complete stop, I keep losing stamina as if still sprinting.

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