Conan stop/jams on official servers

Game mode: [Online | PVP]
Problem: [Bug | Performance ]
Region: [EU]

Since yesterday i have again problem, that i was few month ago, but this time at all official servers. Anyone have it or can help?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Just login to official server and try to walk or look around.

Hello @damian_x_pl, thank you for reaching out!

We’ll need additional details in order to determine what could be behind the performance issues:

  • PS4 Model
  • HDD or SSD
  • Wired or Wireless connection
  • What sort of ping are you getting to the servers?
  • Is it stable playing other demanding games?
  • Does it exhibit any signs of overheating?
  • Do you also have performance issues playing Single Player as well?

PS4 PRO (SSD inside) and other ps4 FAT (HDD)
Wired/wifi no mater 100mb/10mb
ping usually 66, but i saw few time 266 one time 9999
other games is working fine (online)
no overheating
i dont trying play single

I think is there problem with g-portal officiall servers connection or settings.
Before it I have same problem about month ago. And few days later works fine, and since few days its back. My internet provider investigated the matter thoroughly and not found any problem on my side.

I playing at one official server since 2018 till about june, and never have that problem.

Thank you for sharing the above information, could you also tell us your current Region and ISP, so that we may reach out to G-Portal in order to determine if there’s any issue to be had here?

I will send you information in a message, thank you for your help

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