Conan Two-Handed Sword rework needed watch video to see Logic



Conan spear rework needed watch video to see logic

Conan Two-Handed Sword rework needed watch video to see logic

Conan Two-Handed Sword rework needed watch video to see Logic part 2

Conan Two-Handed Sword rework needed watch video to see Logic part 3

Conan Two-Handed Sword rework needed watch video to see Logic part 4

Conan Two-Handed Sword rework needed watch video to see Logic part 5


Does that guy even play on official?

Because if he spent the effort to build a maproom outpost near Skelos Temple over the lava, and hauled steel and obsidian down there, then went to the volcano forge inside the dungeon at 2am in the morning (to make sure nobody steals the composite) and knocks out 5 guards, kills 3 serpent men, and chances the lava bug, and set up timers to make sure he doesn’t get ambushed while at the forge… then spends 1 hour smelting 400 composite obsidian by carting steel and obsidian back and forth from the maproom outpost…

I feel confident he’d say “obsidian weapons are underpowered.”

Compared to Dragonbone, which only requires you to build an elevator at the lip of the sinkhole to get the recipe, then take a thrall with you to the spawning grounds at the nameless city, with you tanking with a shield and viola. Dragonbone doesn’t even need alchemical base, and yet it is on par with alchemical base weaponary, and is even more superior than obsidian.

I agree that there needs to be a rework, but he needs to have some experience in the game first, instead of just crunching numbers.


Me? 600hr of playtime! get some!


Bro, Plz.


The day you see a mammoth at Skelos on official servers, call me. Until then, you need a lot more to experience.


There are a lot of more of these “minor” issues than only weapons.

i.e. lemurian medium armor pieces dont get more stats from normal to flawless quality.

Or rather as much as I liked having armor come with certain stats at first, I guess I am not alone claiming DLCs being purely cosmetic is kind of an illusion. (Calling that a lie may be too harsh.)
I would like to go back to old times, when I would wear whatever armor I like the best because of their visuals.
Like combining darfari chest with black hand trousers. (btw black hand has no stats at all aside of armor)

This is why a few months ago I suggested granting players to build their own armor by taking stats from the armor and put them on kits/mods instead. This was some additional suggestion of mine when I kind of hijacked the suggestion of furlining and similar - the reason for that OP back then was to have people decide for themselves which temperature resistance they want on their armor.

I think the durability of weapons and tools both need to be reviewed.
Armors should be properly checked. Not only normal, but exceptional and flawless as well.
This would take at most 1 hour to check all weaponry and armor to write all in a list.
Afterwards durability should be corrected. It should advance the higher up they are on the tier list.
IMO daggers have way too low durability compared to other weapons.
The last thing would be correcting all armor parts to grant the stats they should.

I dont know how long it takes to change digits in a database. I think it wont take too long, I think they are easy to tamper with. Thus reviewing and fixing all items (or rather their stats) needs probably one half day to do.

Btw. @Halcyon I agree with you certain weapons coming with too high damage compared to their costs.
However this wont be solved by nerfing alone. Tuning stuff up just a tad might do the trick as well.

Like adding some alchemic base to dragon weapons. I do think that would make sense.
Then again some of these lvl 60 things should not require handles, but rather some handcrafted handles instead, which then work out as rebuilding weapons.
(=after having lost all due to a raid or returning after having been inactive)
There had been questions prior to full launch when some people asked for weaponry and tools which would be crafted after having lost everything but without having to go all the way of rebuilding everything.
Back then obsidian had been mentioned and for its capability to fill that role.

I still think that may be a good idea.
Weapons would clearly be below highest damage.
In terms of polearms, the obsidian one might deal 40-45 damage instead of 51 but require said handcrafted handle instead of the current one.

Oh and speaking of handles.
I like them.
What about reworking the current feat-chain to iron, steel and hardened steel stuff requiring their certain handles? Stone weaponry and tools would do with pure branches. Iron might do well with raw hide+branches; steel with raw wood+raw hide and hardened steel with shaped wood and leather. I think most of the epic weapons require isolated wood anyway? Change them all to isolated wood and one is fine.

I do know that a lot of players who often voice negative opinions would to so yet again.
However, thats another balancing act.

I still think that sandboxes are about the players limiting themselves.
Non-sandboxes limit the players using the system. I think that is the major difference.
Also I fail to find a single game which has gone from players limiting because of their own choices to easy mode no limitation at all in general which has not lost a great number of fans.
Though the reason for that may be because of me not having played too many games to begin with.


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