Conan watchers armor

No boots?
Twitch drop, Conan watchers armor, Mon, May 20, 10:00 AM - Wed, Jun 5, 9:58 AM CDT.

Not supposed to have boots.

Because it’s watcher armor not walker armor?

Ok, it’s free so have twitch in a firefox tab :wink:

It’s not a recoloured version either, so if you got it in 2022, you can completely ignore it

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I was taking a brake then.

Break is the word you’re looking for.

Are you sure? I left Conan and played pubG because an update broke the game :wink:

There are only two versions in the admin panel. I can spawn in both. If there was a recolour, there would be four versions in the admin panel and you’d get the spawn fail message

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