Conan's Unreal 4.15 needs an update to 4.21


Just do it. The Replication Graph alone is worth it.
The cooking process has been optimized resulting in up to 60% reductions in cook times!! <-- WTF LOL BBQ? PLEASE?

Gauntlet Automation Framework!!

Fortnite is running it why can’t we devs?


… they just upgrade from 14-15 and it imploded their work too them like almost a whole month and they had to redo some of the blueprint and networking… yeah they rather stick to what they know and not do that again. Personally I dont know if 4.21 would do them any good but they can alway fix up the dev engine and fix some bug on the engine itself. dunno how much more they can do.

…because updating engine’s is not something that is easy to do and could take months? You can’t just copy and paste.

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Honestly, this alone shows OP has no clue what they’re talking about:

(edit to clarify):
I’m not saying updating is impossible, I’m saying “Fortnite has it” is no sort of argument at all.

You ain’t kidding. I work in the the IT field for my company doing databases for warehousing. When our software vendor releases an upgraded version, it takes months to insure any of the updated stuff will break how our company is using the older “rev”.
Sometimes updates actually remove unused “logic” and tables.
Sometimes it combines tables and other code.
Thus, compatibility is always not 100% with everyone using the software.

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It could take a month just for the Epic content migration script to run lol. Then they could spend months searching their C++ source and BP spaghetti fixing things that were changed or deprecated. Assuming the migration even finishes.

I’ve had Unreal Ed crash trying to upgrade small blueprint-only prototypes with less functions/events across the whole project than CE has in its player controller.

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