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Racial Perks/Feats/Bonus’s

Right from the beginning we get to choose our race, which offers us no technical advantage whatsoever. Conan has a great RPG feel to it, and I really feel like they need to utilize this better by adding some spice to the racial decision other then for roleplaying reasons. (No offense roleplayers)

We could do this by adding perks, feat discounts according to the race, or gameplay bonus’s.



  • 1 Strength
    +10% higher chance of critical hit
  • 2 Feat Point Requirement when attaining any Nord Armor feats.

I think this would mix things up greatly and give a whole new element to playing.


Same as the races, I think you should have a main religion with a set of bonus’s.

Also, either a blessing you can invoke from the temple, or as you gain more knowledge within the religion feat tree, or upgrade your temple the bonus’s will increase. If you do the temple this would give more incentive to build T3 temples again seeing avatars are out right now.

PS: Please fix avatars, as much as I hate the idea of my base getting destroyed in a couple of shots, it’s kind of a core feature of the game.

Ranged Combat

So as we all know, bows are pretty OP right now. Except for that second perk which is useless. Be really cool if we could switch that out for something we’d use more.

Also, the list of melee weapons compared to range weapons is insane. I think if we honestly split the bow up into groups it would force players to make different builds, and employ more ranged weapon combat. My thoughts would be:

Short Bow - quick draw, good for close quarters, less damage, less draining on stamina

Compound Bow - comparable to the bow we have now, but slightly longer reload, mid range

Longbow/Crossbow- longer reload, more drain stamina, highest damage, far range

or hell just split it up into the short bow, and a long bow, or do four but it’d be nice to use different types of bows.


I’d like to see different types of shields too, and have them have a direct affect on protection vs agility


Buckler: Covers a small area, easy to move uses less stamina

Round Shield: Covers shoulder to waist, harder to move, but offers more protection

Tower Shield: Offers highest form of protection only leaving a small hit range when blocking, but slows you down more in combat


Alright, so thralls got a major redo. Pets got the leveling and perk system as well, however and this just might be me but a pet vs a thrall pretty guaranteed that the thrall is more useful and will last longer.

I think it’d be cool, if we added armors for our pets just like our horses have or less versions but something to close the gap some more.

I’d also think it’d be great if we could give pets more specific uses, whether they help in speeding up resources.

Example: Using bears to speed up fish trap production even more.

And also if we could see pets get combat bonus’s verse certain enemies

Example: Croc’s versus any water creature + 15% more dmg.
Sand Reapers during sandstorms deal +15% more dmg.

I also think breeding would bring alot of people to the game and give a lot of people near end game something else to do.


I thought of some additional thralls, and some idea’s for thralls:

Additional Thralls:

Engineer: Crafting thrall, helps repair siege equipment while in use, uses less resources. Can also use to man smaller siege equipment.

Trainer: Spars with other thralls, and trains them. (Also, having the option to have archers practice on ranges) for smaller continuous experience at the cost of steadily having to feed your thralls during the process. If thralls run out of food, they will quit training.

Worker: Can setup different resource drop off points for these thralls and have them collect any resource of your choosing, you will have to collect the resources from this location, as well on PVP players would be able to raid your drop off points and workers for the resources they have gathered. Keeping them safe and checking on them regularly will be a must. Require continuous supply of food and tools to keep working if they run out either they’ll stop working and return home.

I also think that’d it be neat if the crafting thralls leveled up as well. Getting more efficient/faster, maybe unlocking recipes, and gaining perks that’d change they way they affect that bench greatly.


I know Funcom wants to keep the mounts realistic which doesn’t leave much options basically:


Which if we got those two as mounts I’d be happy, maybe even rhino’s. They’d make a pretty decent battering ram.

I’d like to see a pack saddle though, something that compromises your defense and attack from your mount but adds slots to it’s inventory for quick resource runs though.

Anyways, thats about half my list. let me know what you all think! Thanks for reading.


Aye to all the above. More depth is very welcome…

Except for the pet armors. Give pets certain special perks that make them unique. Like Armorpen for all birds or bleed for all cats… and let us take one pet one thrall please, at least in SP and PVE.

Also, Have a great day y’all!

They’ve said multiple times that the races are meant to be purely cosmetic and they won’t be assigning special perks or bonuses to them.

Which I think is the way it should be. How boring would every server be once everyone inevitably figured out which race had the best stats and started exclusively choosing that one at character creation?

I agree with BoogerParty. As long as the races have no stat bonuses or other mechanical advantages, you’re free to choose the one you like thematically or for role-playing purposes. As soon as you add advantages to the races, it starts to direct player choices towards certain races for certain builds. I mean, why would anyone play a half-elf in D&D 3.5 because half-elves are just worse elves? Because I have a cool story idea for a half-elven character, stats be damned.

But in a competitive game where the only story is the one that goes on in your own head, some stats and abilities are just more valuable than others. Choosing between a Nordheimer with a bonus to Vitality, a Cimmerian with a bonus to Strength, and a Darfari with a bonus to Survival, very few would pick a Darfari.

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