Concern about patch and out-of-area construction

I have a pve server, I build outside the area to make house interiors.

if I understood correctly you made it so that it is no longer possible to build outside the game zones to avoid pvp abuse.

Will it be possible to work around this problem for private servers?

Sorry for my langage.

i don’t understand how you manage to make house interiors outside the area of construction, but building outside of it is considered an exploit and is not allowed.

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Player specifies it’s on a private server, there are admin commands and mods to allow this.

The anti-exploit features you are talking about are currently only on Testlive and aren’t being included in the next update at this time. There is a server setting to disable it all together, and it is off by default on private servers, even on Testlive (last I checked anyways).

Ok, Thank you @Multigun

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