Conclusions from being alpha on an official server and concerns about storage

Hi. I played Conan for a long time now and I’ve decided to join the forum to talk about my conclusions and suggestions based on my experience as a alpha on a official PVP but also as a experienced player trying to grow on other servers. Currently, maintaining alpha status is way too easy as it doesn’t even require to remain active on the server. There are several things that I think should be looked at in order to make playing less of a gamble for the new players and more exciting for already established clans. This may an idea for maybe a new type of servers that would go much further in the pvp aspect.

“Cryogenic Storage”. I believe that all items should have their own decay timer which shouldn’t be stopped by being put in a fridge. That means that, at very least, unplaced figther thralls, steelfire, dragon powers, bombs and orbs should decay after a few days if not used without any possibility of reseting the decay timer. I don’t even know why my clan is able to have so many vault filled with bombs for months. On the other hand, I believe that fridges should greatly increase the decay timer for food but not stop it altogether (Several thousands of aloe soup sitting in my fridges for months too). Eventually the remaiming things are directly related to this unlimited storage system.

“Clan size”. The sole fact that a tribe can have 1/4 of server capacity doesn’t make sense to me. I believe that clan size should be tuned down to 5. It won’t stop clans from making alliance to bump up that number obviously but pvp’ing in an alliance implies not being able to immediatly dispose of others clan ressources // facilities - while also having to deal with others clans thralls which is a pain in the ■■■ believe me lol. On the other hand, It’s easier to group 5 players than 10 which would break the current discrimination between “10 members tribes & the rest” and I believe make it more fair for everyone.

"Blue Screen Bubble". You may have seen a bunch of players complaining about the game crashing especially on console plateform. More than an annoying thing, it is actually commonly used to create lags and crashing the game of players (not owning an external SSD) trying to raid. Already established clan and specifically alpha will abuse this weakness pretending that it’s to protect them from purges. It is indeed possible to stack up thralls and pets around very complex structure or “Cities”. Thoses pets and thralls don’t decay and can be mass procuded which means that they’re easily replaced. There should be either a hard limit on thralls and pets or a feeding mechanic introduced on PVP servers. Currently, I believe my clan has between 500 an 600 placed thralls geared with epic flawless picktish armor and dragonbone//legendary waepons and about a thousand placed pets.

Obelisk camp and block. Unless you didn’t know, you can block an obelisk by building around and/or by placing thralls and pets. I think it’s self explenatory as it defeats the whole purpose of obelisks. To me, it’s the same as blocking the desert. Once alpha, you can stock enough ressources to block obelisk aswell as all the map overnight if you really want to and nobody will stop you.

Lastly, if you think clans will revolt agains’t such things, you’re wrong. Players will prefer to keep their stuff and join another server with the intend of “pvp’ing” rather than losing all the stuff they’ve managed to gather… usually by making alliances with the alpha(s).

Typical server tech and life cycle :

  • 2 Alpha tribes in alliances of 10 members (Usually on other servers or other games ready to jump on).
  • 1 Active tribe acting as the eyes of those 2 alpha tribes (Usually wiped once they built up too much and replaced by a smaller one or get pushed to alpha status if one of the alpha leaves the game for being “bored”)
  • Smallers tribes (trying to stay off the radar and usually wiped for being charged with treason or conspirary agains’t the sacred alpha’s or pushed to eye’s level for being friendly).

Eventually, an alliance of 20 players can jump on the server to defeat the alphas but almost never suceed unless they use exploits and dupes because of the material differential and simply because alpha’s and the eyes won’t ever let them build up… they prefer to play on other servers or others games. :slight_smile:

All this being the result (to me) of the capacity to store infinite amount of materials. Again, it might be an idea for a new type of official server which rewards activity and fights rather than politics and storage.




A class of servers that are wiped on a regular basis might result in the more active game play you’re talking about.

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this is good i have been talking about this stuff forever

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I like the pet limit and not being able to block an obi ideas, not sure about everything having decay timers is such a good idea, i feel a sever wipe would be the better way to go. A 20 man clan can join a server and wipe an alpha/server with ease without exploiting, i have always found that alphas and their alliances spend their time wiping lowbies to keep their server alpha status but when an experienced invaiding clan joins the server its always “they cheat”, “they exploit” and never damn those guys are good. Im not saying there are not clans that cheat, im just saying not all invading clans cheat they are just good.

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I didn’t mean to say that all players who have wiped a server used cheats but rather that alpha alliances are able to build up and store so much that it’s not very likely to succeed even with 20 players. I’m not saying it’s not possible as I believe it still depends on the players but we must acknowledge that alpha can also be experienced and active players who can keep reseting the “invaders” until they leave. Also, alpha can also dupe which btw is based on the quantity stored.

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You will always be able to block sth. The circle/surrounding is just bigger. But you will still have the same problem…

Except the whole map is no building zone, you will always be able to block sth.


Yes i know this, i simply stated that i like his idea against obi blocking, as you could see with my whole comment not the partial version you decided to use.

What do you feel a good wipe cycle would be? Im thinking something like 1 wipe every 4 months.

Yeah. Three or four months. I started a new PvP server when the free month started (I’m a PS4 player) and by the end of June the server felt settled and there was a clear “winner.” Everything after that has felt like slow server decline, but then again, we lost.


Yeah servers seem to die after wars, maybe funcom can cut down on servers so they stay more populated.

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If the idea is to go for programmed server wipes I would rather go for 2 or 3 months max. It’s very easy to grind on Conan. You can easily get lvl60 within a day (without exploits) just by sticking to stones daggers and fiber clothes. 1 week for a big tribe to be pvp ready and to make a decent size alpha base with bunch of named thralls and shrines. 2 weeks max to expand and take control of major spots. With that you can count a typical 1 month war. Pretty much have a winner and a server regression after 1 month and a half

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Not sure what you mean by leveling exploit? I do feel if funcom cuts back on the number of servers they have servers would not be so dead.

finding creative solutions to get free or very low cost experience in a manner perhaps not intended by game devs.

Perhaps not intended? I never thought getting xp for crafting was an exploit, i figured funcom did that so people could level how ever they wanted.

I think the specific exploit for crafting is when you craft something, get the xp for it and then dismantle the item to get the mats back. You can basically loop very quickly through this cycle and get a lot of xp very quickly.

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That’s not an exploit. Crafting XP is way down across the board anyway, last I tested.

I haven’t done any extensive testing on the dismantling bench, I mostly just dump trash items in and pick up materials when I need them, but I seem to remember that Funcom reduced the amount of materials you can get back from recycling with the intention to prevent the kind of infinite exp loop you describe.

If some items have slipped through their net, please report it as a bug.

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