Condemned Cµnts PVE-C RP/+Rates/AoC/lvl300/QoL/Mods 03-16


Direct Connect: ConanServer.DeMiNe0.Com:27015

Steam Connect: steam://connect/

Server Name: Condemned Cµnts PVE-C RP/+Rates/AoC/lvl300/QoL/Mods

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Our Mod List is located here:

Rank Lists: Please vote!!!

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Settings: XP=4, Harvest=5

Day Twice as Long, Half Thirst/Hunger, Level 5 Purge

No drop on death, but players can loot bodies

Features: Many building related mods, Kits, a teleporting system for senior members, events, unlimited /home command usage for teleporting back home (with a /return command available for senior players). Up to 4 thralls following, Level 300, extra hotbar, sexiles for you fµcks who like to get freaky.

We have an advanced server management system that manages mod updates, and orchestrates the 5 minute in game and in discord warning and reboots for those updates. NO DOWNTIME due to out of date mods!

PVE-C to PVP Server Clone Spawn Event: Once a month, a special week long event is held. The event is called a “PVP Server Spawn”. During this event, the PVE-C server will be cloned, and spawned into a duplicate server instance. This instance will be an exact replica in time of the currently running PVE-C server that will have PVP features fully enabled and encouraged along with Boosted rates. This will be an ADDITIONAL server that runs along side the PVE-C server. Nothing on the PVE-C server will be touched, and you will still be able to play on it as normal. The purpose of this is to give our PVE players a little bit of PVP action using their own built up base and gear without having to risk everything they’ve built.

Upcoming Updates: More quests via Pippi mushi scripting, NPC villages, NPC raids, Player Cities, more economy options. An additional PVP server when popularity increases that will feature a 1v1v1 mega clan war.

I put together this server because I love PVE-C servers that are highly modded, however I could never find that perfect server that brought a good balance between community, stability and customization. I’m hoping that you can help make this server into what I’ve envisioned.

With that said, I hope you all enjoy your stay!