Condemned Cµnts PVE-C RP/+Rates/AoC/lvl300/QoL/Mods

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Discord: [https:// / 8vp3Rxd]

Direct Connect: ConanServer .DeMiNe0. Com:27015

Steam Connect: [steam://connect/]

Server Name: WIPE:2/18 Condemned Cµnts PVE-C RP/+Rates/AoC/lvl300/QoL/Mods

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Our Mod List is located here: [https:// steamcommunity .com/ sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1846258259]

Rank Lists: Please vote!!!

  • [https:// conan-exiles .com/server/78543/]

  • [https:// topconanservers .com/server/]

Banner: https:// i.imgur .com/0ty1qKh.png

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Settings: XP=6(Normally 4), Harvest=7.5(Normally 5),
Day Twice as Long, Half Thirst/Hunger, Level 5 Purge
No drop on death, but players can loot bodies

Features: Many building related mods, Kits, a teleporting system for senior members, events, unlimited /home command usage for teleporting back home (with a /return command available for senior players). Up to 4 thralls following, Level 300, extra hotbar, sexiles for you fµcks who like to get freaky.

We have an advanced server management system that manages mod updates, and orchestrates the 5 minute in game and in discord warning and reboots for those updates. NO DOWNTIME due to out of date mods!

PVE-C to PVP Server Clone Spawn Event: Once a month, a special week long event is held. The event is called a “PVP Server Spawn”. During this event, the PVE-C server will be cloned, and spawned into a duplicate server instance. This instance will be an exact replica in time of the currently running PVE-C server that will have PVP features fully enabled and encouraged along with Boosted rates. This will be an ADDITIONAL server that runs along side the PVE-C server. Nothing on the PVE-C server will be touched, and you will still be able to play on it as normal. The purpose of this is to give our PVE players a little bit of PVP action using their own built up base and gear without having to risk everything they’ve built.

Upcoming Updates: More quests via Pippi mushi scripting, NPC villages, NPC raids, Player Cities, more economy options. An additional PVP server when popularity increases that will feature a 1v1v1 mega clan war.

I put together this server because I love PVE-C servers that are highly modded, however I could never find that perfect server that brought a good balance between community, stability and customization. I’m hoping that you can help make this server into what I’ve envisioned.

The 18th of February marks the official soft launch of the server. Over the course of the next two weeks after launch; to encourage new explorers to settle down on the server the HARVEST and EXP rates will be boosted!

I’m calling this a soft launch, because up until the end of our soft launch; on March 1st, I will be very open to suggestions for major changes to pretty much any aspect of the server. Everything from the server configuration to the mods that are running to the rules of the server are up for total discussion. On March 1st, the rates will be returned to their original value’s and the rules will be set in stone. Major server configuration and mod changes will only be considered when mod updates force them too or when a major game version drops.

With that said, I hope you all enjoy your stay!