Conen Exiles - Walking Issues

I have been unable to walk for a week. This happened before & then it just returned. I have reinstalled CE. It didn’t help. Any suggestion? I need to walk to my house asap!.. Z


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What do you mean by “unable to walk”?

What happens when you attempt to walk? What type of game mode are you playing?

I mean I take a couple steps forward & then I am moved back to where I began. I have tried jumping steps & climbing them. I just can’t go forward. This occured months ago & it returned as soon as it began. I have been trying for a week. I even clean reinstalled the game. No luck.

stop reinstalling the game and call your ISP, you likely have connection issues

Is this in offline singleplayer or online on a server?

When I first got Conan, I had trouble walking for a month. Day after day I just sat in my chair clicking away. I finally had to walk again after the lockdowns lifted…

Joking aside, I’ve experienced what I think you are describing a few times randomly. It seems like an internet connection issue, but it could also be a collision detection bug in the game. To fix it, I just stop pressing my movement keys for a few seconds and then move the opposite way that i was trying to go and that usually frees me. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it is jarring and annoying.

Thank you very much. Every thing else seems connected fine. Thanks so much again…Z

Hello. It is online on a server. Last time I couldn’t walk for a few days, then suddenly I could. After thinking about it sometimes I do get disconnected from the host but that is not my internet provider. Thanks again…Z

Sorry after I reread your msg you ask about my game mode. I am sorry I am new to this online game stufff & I don’t know what the modes are. I just connect & play.

Tell me about being annoying. I suppose I can only hope something lets loose of me. I have no idea about the connection. My internet provider works on everything else…thanks…Z

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Okay so this same thing happened to a machine in my LAN and to me personally when connecting to our local server and from what I gathered it was from the world assets not loading properly on our side (the player’s computer) when we logged into the game. TBH, the only temporary fix we found was to let the game sit for about 2-min. after we logged in (basically once the MOTD showed up we got up and got a drink lol) to ensure the world had properly loaded. Even then it was super hit or miss. Sad to say we never discovered what actually fixed the problem since we’ve upgraded our internet, upgraded the server (more RAM, SSD), and upgraded our PC’s since that was happening (not to mention the numerous patches since then) so I don’t know what we did exactly that fixed it for us.


What you are describing is known as “rubber banding”. As others have suggested, poor connection to a server is a common cause (amongst many). This could be an issue with your ISP, or it could be server specific.

On your server selection screen, can you see the section named PING? What is the number displayed for your server?

Also, are you using a wired, or wireless connection?


Welcome to the forum exile.
You have to try some things if you may.
1st, try to play on single player.
If you have the same issues then something is wrong with your installation, or your machine has lower stats for this game, so people here will help you with settings to be able to play.
2nd. It is very important to play on your region servers. Playing in servers with different region may cause these issues.

I know that you have a progress that you don’t want to loose but it is very important to enjoy the game, than experience this.

If by any chance you play in an abandoned private server, maybe it’s time to leave this server because admin didn’t restart it for long time now, so it is very reasonable to experience these situations.

If you are new in this game I would suggest you to play on official pve servers, they restart every single day and their performance is good.
Also start from the Exile lands map, it has more “survival” experience and less rng.
I play on Playstation, however I believe that you will have something similar to witness on pc when you choose your server.
So after you choose to play online and then pve you will go to the panel for server select
Go to the tab that says region, press it to choose your region

Then choose the map you will play,

Then go to the filter and choose official

In order to choose your official you better choose with pings, the lowest the better

I really hope you will be able to enjoy your game my friend.
Do not hesitate to restart if it is to enjoy your game play.
Good luck exile :+1:t6:

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Thank you. I will slow down & not be so impatient. Hopefully it will come back…Z

I would suggest you try two simple things here to trouble shoot.

It sounds like it could be 1 of 2 things here:

Either your connection to this specific server.

Or more likely:

You’re character is stuck in an asset that is not rendering on your screen.

You can 1. Try removing your bracelet. It will kill your character and you can respawn somewhere else.

  1. Try another server to see if you still have the issue.
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