Conflict all day PvP server?

I really really would like to see a few Conflict servers with PvP active all day long. That would make it all much more fun without the constant base raided and building up again.


Yeah i want that too :slight_smile:

When you cleaned the game in pve, you have to wait the 17h-23h to have some challenge

Yah that is the thing. PvE and Conflict is very quick done and nothing to do other then in the small window between 17h-23h

Really like to see a few servers with PvP active all day.

The weird thing it seems such a nobrainer to have servers where you can PvP others all the time, but not destroy buildings (to avoid exploiters + offline raiding of bases).

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It would be a good ide. There is not really a middle thing were you can pvp and still build save all the time.