Conflict RP / No-Holds-Barred PVP Server

We run a west coast server with a few twists to the standard settings. We do not intend to wipe, use a .5 xp modifier to encourage content exploration and character investment, a 1.9 drop rate (to keep those unique drops in place but otherwise double the resources) and have lowered the resource spawn rate to encourage conflict between clans. On the generous side, we drastically lowered durability decay, food consumption, and stamina costs to aid in those long jaunts of harvest and murder.

We have a community discord channel and Server Direct Connect can be found at

On a final note the Admins are a small group of long time friends ranging from the east coast to New Zealand and wish to promote a sportsmanlike atmosphere of people who enjoy a challenging and competitive gaming experience. We started our own server to ensure a place where the Admins remained active and fair and we could ensure a respectful social environment while still enjoying the brutality and strife the game’s PVP has to offer.

Cheers and Good Gaming!