Conflict Server 2020 ruined by one ridicilous person

Someone thought it would be funny to completly wall off the Brimstone-lake, ruining the entire area for everyone else. Since I can only imagine what a pathetic person one would have to be to find that funny and me and my fellow conan enthusiasts dont like this kind of behavior, we thought we should at least warn others before they start a game there and realise this after many hours of ingame work…

Happy holidays everyone!

Goes all the way around… What a great dude. :roll_eyes:

Pro tip: go farm brimstone in the eastern ocean walking underwater instead :wink:


Wich is the worst way to do it. :joy:

Just dont get people who get a kick out of such behavior. Its just so pathetic… and weak. I mean this little Chicken is sitting behind his walls knowing no one can do anything about it. Wasnt tough enough to try his BS on a PVP server i guess…

Oh this dude i laugh aboout him for 2 weeks he wass haunting whit werwolf claws low level and i took the claws and all his other loot from him because no talents whit it :crazy_face::rofl::eyes: then we killed his thrall and took on top his god breaker armor and he rage quite :crazy_face::rofl:since this day he only log in too refresh his decay timer . Dont give him attention dont write him messages and he will leave on day . In the mean time its give a coupel of caves whit brimstone and the underwater brimston in the jungel.
Oh and btw i sell tamed horses in all color and named working and fighter thralls for materials only nordheimer volcano and cimmeran thralls but ive you look for specifics ask me my gamertag is sxo vi mazeone

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Ah yes, we saw your base. Nice one! Already left though. I have better things to do than wasting my time on a single douche. Reality has enough of them, dont need any extra in the games that I play to relax.

Sad that means he won :tired_face:i not will leave the server i will stay and hold all teleport places open for the players

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Just one way to look at it, I dont think about who “won”, I think hes unworthy of what I have the least of in life and that is time. He will stay what he presumably is: A socially isolated, wannabe-tough little troll who will hopefully someday find out that positive interactions lead to a much better life. It is noble what you’re doing, I guess. I also think youre doing Funcoms job, wich you shouldnt have to.

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At the end for what you need brimston on a pvr server ? I only need it too smelting star metal ore . Too open the meteor i only need a demon fier orb and steel i get from cimmerian and norddheimer slayer runs and for harden steel you only need black ice

Thats not my point. The point is that i chose to not spend my time around these kind of people, if its not necessary or worth it and right now it just isn’t. Someday we might meet ingame though. Right now ill just play something else.

Happy new year.

Just another PvPer who got his donkey handed to him, one to many times.

Treat them like the herp. They will bother you for awhile, then go away. But dont worry, there is another just waiting to move in.

This is how you get after living on the same official server since EA.

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True they will come its give a unendless pool of talent free and friend free peps that try too ruin the fun of others but you need too ignor them and go on too have fun whit your friends and make new friends

You’re german aswell, aren’t you? I’ll come back in 2020. Talk to you then…

Yeap german

Something’ll change in 2020 for German ? Darth Angela’ll quit ? :rofl:


Hopefully we’ll get a Jedi government this time. Germany is like this dude on the 2020 server… a whole bunch of self-entitled, egocentric people with no skill, clinging to their position of power.

Can be said about 99% of all politicians :slight_smile:

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From looking at the picture it looks like you can still reach the springs from the mountains in the back.
Does the wall go behind the mountains?

Wall is around the full lake and each brimstone spawn is blocked by spikes even boss and boss chest

I took a look at this pic you posted and I need to say that this wall doesn’t hindder anyone to get in that lake. Just try it out be patient and you will see it’s easy to get in and out.
If you can’t get in there on this side … try another one. But you definitely can get in there on this side.
There are still 3 caves which have plenty of brimstone and there is also the water area in the jungle to get some. So don’t panic. btw this isn’t a pvp server so u are not allowed to destruct other players bases if I am right. So where’s the point in getting bombs. Hehehe
Just kidding hope this helps.

You can go in but each spawn of brimston is blocdked by palisads and spikes so no brimstone ther. But you are right its a pve conflict server and i only need brimston too make starmetal and too open the meteors you only need a demon fire orb so this guy wastet his time. By blocking it because you not need it :crazy_face::rofl::eyes: