Congo and finishing Kaidan

any word about this? I am nearing the end and no one official as responding to the person in the General discussion question about this and it was posted in April… if someone can please post updates it would be great! Thank you!

The recent balance update returned The Penthouse dungeon, showing a path forward for dealing with aegis based dungeons. The team is split between this and another game right now, so things are slow, but moving forward all the same.


Thank you for responding. I do love this game and will be making another character LOL

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Just don’t expect anything anytime soon, or you’ll be disappointed and get upset. Think years, and you’ll be safe and pleasantly surprised if we get anything sooner.

I am already planning another character but would like to keep the same name if possible. this is the first game I ever played like this and I missed and messed up a lot :nerd_face: and want a redo! LOL :grin:

If you delete your character the name will become available again.

I feel you. It was the same for me, but I got to go through the story again when SWL relaunched.

I am having soo much fun! I have another name picked out but will keep Raven in it . I will play the new character while building my weapons in my first one for when new content is added I will be ready! Not that one truly can be… ugh those dream scenarios!


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