Congo Update any time soon?

Any word, update? Or should we just forget about it ever being released?

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There has be no word on it so far. That said given Funcom and their habit of keeping things close to the chest it could come any day or never all equally likely.


Considering how long it has been since there was so much as a hint about them having started working on an update to the main story, I think we should just forget about it being released any time soon or ever.

I don’t think Funcom has even started to work on the Congo update. I don’t think they have any plans to do so.
All we are going to get is more grindy stuff that tries to encourage people to login daily.

I would love to be proven wrong about this.


Given that the supposed ‘player poll’ the new GD had here on the forums a while back pretty much seemed to indicate “Give us the stuff we already did in TSW, not new stuff” (from what I remember) and the seeming lack of resources, I imagine you’re right. And in this case (again, if I’m remembering correctly) them working on bringing old stuff over would be exactly what people said they wanted.

We aren’t getting any more of the old stuff either, by the looks of it. The stuff that is missing from TSW has been asked for since Day 1 of SWL. The response so far has at best been along the lines of “We will think about it.”

We have some new stuff, like the Agent Network, Dark Agartha, Occult Defence, etc.
None of that new stuff is bad as such, but it is all grindy stuff designed to keep people logging in every day.
We will likely get some more content in that style eventually.

What we haven’t got since South Africa was released is a continuation to the main story - which is something just about everyone wants. There are no signs of us ever getting this either.


While I completely agree that Funcom has a bad habit of not communicating, I would think something as massive as a new story zone would be teased well in advance of being released. Dark Agartha had some fanfare to it. There was even a short video about it. A stealth release of major story content makes zero sense. Since Congo will probably be meh, based on the quality of SA, the hype surrounding it will do more to grow the player base than the actual zone itself.

I agree with @ErikT that we are unlikely to see the other dungeons, raids, and PvP zones ported over. Demands for those have been met with vague responses at best. There’s been much more concrete reassurances that they’re going to continue the story. So even if more people have been clamoring for old content, I think we’re more likely to see Congo. Though that’s a big if still, and an unknowable when.


DA’s not a great example, there was actually very little warning before it went live - maybe a week?
South Africa had a lot more in the way of teasing, with stuff like a list of places people has guessed wrong, but there’s never really been a huge promotion before a content drop.


I think it was a little longer than a week that people were speculating about it. I don’t remember when the video came out, though. But that wasn’t my point. I was saying DA didn’t come out of nowhere and it’s nowhere near as big of a deal as a new zone would be. I wouldn’t expect a huge promotion with large levels of marketing, but I’d guess we’d get rumors of it at least a month in advance.

The place guessing was organized by Tron and was more out of the ordinary. I think the only spoiler we got was one picture on social media and that one got slammed so little chance to see something like that again.

DA was actually teased via Jerónimo’s quests.

Sadly latest content wasn’t, and still isn’t.
So yes, they apparently are working on new content.
But no, no vords!


Which had poor results if you hadn’t got Jeronimo yet :confused:

Dark Agartha was also teased for a fortnight in-game, via the Daily Login Page during Samhain '18 (arguably SWL’s most popular event) prior to the release of the trailer video, followed by another fortnight prior to its launch.

That being said, of the 30 Funcom press releases over the past 12 months none are related to SWL, the most recent being for South Africa on April 5th (2018).

The agent system was a really poor way of teasing content due to how utterly randomly it works.

If Funcom reworked the missions system to guarantee that after doing one step of a story type mission, you can only see the next step of that story (or be unlucky and not see anything from that story) on refresh, it could serve the content tease purpose much better.

Funcom finally getting it into their heads that pure RNG is not actually always the best option is probably too much to hope for, though.

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The Funcom employee working on SWL stuff probably has his hands full o.O

I agree. It was an interesting experiment, but for me it completely fell flat. I didn’t see any of the Dark Agartha agent missions until after the content went live.

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I check in every now and then to see if there’s some new interesting content, but so far there hasn’t been.
I really couldn’t care less about content like DA or the stonehenge stuff.

I’ll just be patient. Plenty of other stuff to play in the meantime.


You’re actually missing out on some decent fun by avoiding the Stonehenge Occult Defence scenario.

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I must be a rare breed, because I actually really enjoyed the SA area and missions.

SA was teased in like December(?) by Nirvelle’s predecessor (Tilty) and it released in April, though his tease was possibly too early, as people complained it looked too sparse and they didn’t like the colours. So I imagine the take-home message was that until it no-longer looks like ■■■, don’t post about it, as people will unfairly pre-judge. Plus they’ve always been a bit cloak-and-dagger about content, probably as the game is all about mystery (and as aforementioned, people make assumptions).


I agree with you but the word of mouth about Jeronimo missions was out and it created quite a bit of hype about DA. Maybe we did not get any DA mission but we sure were looking for them to pop and were lurking the forums about any info available.
At least I was :slight_smile:


The Peculiar Box appears to pointing to Funcom doubling down on the RNG.