Congrats, now you destroyed the game absolutly

Greetings everyone!
Thank you for reporting this issue regarding invisible items and structures in the current version of our game.

Our team is already investigating all the bugs that you’ve submited, alongside those of other players as well, as we speak!
Please keep an eye on our forum for further details and announcements.

Thank you for reaching out to us dear players!

It is the same on single player game.

Missing graphics, textures are now on LOW RES, disappearing workstations, terrible frame rates and texture loading. Trees without textures, character without legs and health bar. Enemies not attacking (yep), missing option on PS4 for Quality/Performance on Graphics. Some settings from Admin were reset.

Can confirm that it’s the same in single-player mode, unfortunately, since I only play solo. Though no lagging or blue screens.

Forgot to mention that I noticed another bug: nw char wasn’t levelling up at all despite doing a few challenges while running around the place and getting journey steps as well.

But drastic.

It’s the same on single player… I just joined to see if others were getting the same thing.

Yep it is… invisible armour etc

Im on a private server on PS5. Only got one day of playing in before the update. At the moment it’s playable but only because Im building. I have come close to dying a few times because certain predators are invisible. They can still attack and hurt you but there is nothing there to see. I just kept stabbing the air with my spear until it died (I think). Now I’m too worried to travel too far until the major bugs like this are fixed. Very frustrating.

Hello there everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to report these situations to us.

We are aware of this situation occurring where there were invisible items and enemies, however, these have been addressed on the 3.0.1 patch (patch notes can be found here).

However, please do let us know if the issue persists after updating the game!

Issues Persisting after installation of latest patch:

  • huge lag loading textures, terrible framerates and freezes - accessing inventory or workstations many times stalls the game for over 5 to 15 seconds
  • trees and grass are still not visible on isle of siptah, specially in zones near beaches (pine trees, grass, etc)
  • odd textures on the same zones, maelstrom and sky without textures, face features lack detail (specially thick beards), textures on and off approaching objects, etc.
  • picking up an workstation or feed box destroys it (same as destroy option) instead of going into inventory (the workaround is using the move option, but this is a bug)
  • flickering shadows on bare trees (specially near Siptah beach areas), always happens, specially at a distance
  • game is taking 10x more time to load

all this on Single Player, LAN connection

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