Congrats....[since they want a prolonged title

you nerfed the npc’s for pvp, but now my lvl3 escort barely beats a croc… sp is death again…?

What are you talking about? Sorry but sounds like a user problem not a game issue.

Hi, @Griffin, welcome to the forums. I didn’t really understand what you were trying to say. Could you explain what the problem is?

If you need thralls to do any content in pve, it is a user problem :stuck_out_tongue:

You should try using a Fighter thrall rather than an Escort. One is savage in the streets, the other is savage in the sheets…


Exactly, dancers seem to have very low base damage, so much that raising strength seems to do not much good…
With enough HP and good armor the dancer can tank, though, and the player provides the damage output.

Hey, sounds like a solution to all those players who complain about thralls doing all the damage for them: Take a dancer with you instead of a fighter :wink:

Are you really having trouble dealing with crocodiles without a thrall? Because unless it’s a boss or its eyes are glowing, that…shouldn’t be a hard animal to take on solo, especially if you’ve leveled up enough to unlock iron weapons.

Have you barely been putting any points into Strength or something? I talked to a guy at work who couldn’t figure out why his attacks seemed so weak and it turns out he was basically dumping all of his points into Encumbrance and ignoring everything else.

dont use a funcom employe to do you job.

There’s been no recent changes on that end.
For any other discussion please elaborate a bit more on the topic at hand so the rest of the community can contribute to the conversation.

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