Connecting the Exiled Lands and Siptah

More than anything, I’ve been looking forward to the moment when the Exiled Lands and Siptah will be interconnected.

I have a lot of questions concerning the matter. For instance:

  • Will we be able to bring thralls, armor and/or materials from one map to the other?
  • Will we keep our levels and recipes when we cross over?
  • Will there be two seperate journeys for the respective maps or will they merge into one?

I also thought about the means to transport from EL to Siptah. One obvious way is through teleportation - the same way NPC’s arrive during a surge. Another cool way would be to sail and build ships for transportation. Maybe that should be the only way by which you can bring thralls/materials.

What do you guys think/hope for with the connection of the two maps?

I’d like to see that you have to unbind youself before you can go from the Exiled lands to Siptah. It would be nice if you could do the same with your Thralls, meaning that moving your favorite thrall over, would be locked behind a grind, slightly prohibiting abuse.

Like your ship idea, would limit it to a thrall or a pet though, leaving goods out of it.

Also, before PvPers come and start ranting, I’d limit it to PvE.


Whoa, that would be really cool. To actually be able to use the Keystone for something is a great idea!

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I just thought it would make an unused part of the game useful again…

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I would really love to see free Passing through the 2 maps. If you could freely move between the two maps will make this game HUGE.

Before you despose this, just remember that we are going to receive npc Camps in Siptah, hopefully these Camps will also include named thralls(crafters especially), building Materials are plenty on both maps, weapons do not differ a lot between the maps.

The only difference between the 2 maps are star metal nodes and eldarium. Star metal is plentyfull on Siptah and imo a lot easier to procure then on Exiled Lands. And eldarium, at the Moment there is no way to get eldarium on Exiled Lands, but would not be awsome to form a eldarium farming Party and just travel together to Siptah, farm the eldarium you need and then come back home with “filled up bags”.

I see no reason for the devs to implement restrictions on travelling between Siptah and Exiled Lands and above all, we need to be able to go back where we camed for.

If restrictions will be implemented only because of fearing cheaters…then the 2 maps are better left separated.


Agreed. Either do it without restrictions or don’t do it at all. I wouldn’t mind exploring more of Siptah on my CE avatar, but I will not give up one damn thing to do it.


As much as i’d like to explore Siptah with my exile, and freely move between the lands, i fail to see how, with the current server structure and limits, one would be able to accomplish this without different servers. One for the Exiled lands, and one for Siptah.
Probably work for single player well enough, though, with a long (loading new lands) pause between maps.

This is the main reason I think it’s a terrible idea. The exiled lands is more than big enough for the population a server can support.

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Another difference is Siptah has pure gold ore nodes.

Star metal is actually extremely difficult to acquire on Siptah in singleplayer. This is because the spawn timers reset whenever you leave the tower’s vicinity and when you disconnect from the game. In the Exiled Lands you can spend plenty of time in the meteor area building structures while waiting for a meteor strike. The only way to get meteors to spawn on Siptah is to wait around through maelstroms without leaving the area, massively increase the time between maelstroms, or cheat by changing the game clock.

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Well in Siptah SINGLE player you can change the maelstrom Settings if you are not able to play long enough so that the meteorites drop.

I disagree, I find both maps very small. On PVP servers, one well-organized 4 man clan can pretty much dominate a server. On PVE servers it finally gives people a change to build a base in a nice location that isn’t a stonethrow away from someone else’s base.

My best bet is that every current existing server will be both Exiled Lands AND Siptah - in other words: they will be expanded not merged. Another option is that they will allow server transfers, but I doubt that.

There are other differences. The end game weapons and armors of Siptah often exceeds anything on the old map. Which brings me to the next point:

Cheaters are not the problem. As I mentioned above, the armor and weapons of Siptah are superior. So bringing those weapons and armors back to the Exiled Lands will imbalance the game and people who did not purchase Siptah will see the expansion as “pay to win”. This more than anything is likely why there will be major restrictions of what can cross the two maps.


Much to my own surprise I find myself agreeing with you both. As much as I like the idea of being able to teleport between Maps, if all we can take with us is our naked selves, then it kind of defeats the purpose. I do however have no doubts that the 3 new factions, and 3 new biomes will offer some unique weapons and armor, hopefully a few new resources too, to encourage repeated forays farming them.

Agree with yourself also Legendaddy87. I would like it if this provided us a means to complete the final Journey Step Ch10, Step10: Escape the Exiled Lands, without actually deleting our character. After all the step involves the act of escaping, who is to say that we would never desire to return? Especially when considering the sheer amounts of wealth, stature and manpower we have at our disposal there. I could live with ammending the warning.


If the two maps run on different threads, it would play the same as it does now. Maybe better since argubly half the server would be on different threads. One of the issues you see is the server software is single threaded.

This is a big IF though.

For us to complete chapter 10 we also need what will probably be a dungeon (?) with the Mummy of the Ring as a boss at the end.


To be honest I dream a different ending scene on this game. I would like to have a video of going back to my stolen mansion, slay the ones who steal me releasing my servants, that since I left they 've been treated as slaves, and hugging my beloved family while my servants are partying and cheering for my return. If these maps will connect, I wouldn’t like to be able to transfer anything. If you can transfer, will make the new map less challenging. Maybe I sound annoying here, forgive me, but this is what I think. Another option that I could accept is that the prefix characters should be deleted before we are able to travel between these 2 worlds. What I mean is, if you want to be able to travel between 2 worlds you have to start fresh, zero, to the desert again, farming fiber to get some clothes :wink:. I know that a lot of gaming hours can be lost, but there is nothing more refreshing than restarting again.

will there be a connection?

My opinion:

  • Thralls should not be transferable, at least not in the direction Exiled Lands -> Siptah. Else, the super-complicated way to gather thralls in Siptah would be completely useless.
  • Equipment should be transferable in both directions. That doesn’t hurt too much, and not allowing transferring them would make the connection near useless, as that would leave you with your level only. And leveling is easy on both maps, so that’s of little benefit.
  • Raw materials… okay either way for me. Personally, I’d not allow transfer, as that requires players to travel, build and explore on both maps, also to collect crafting thralls. But there’re no essential problems with both options here, I think.

Besides the mechanical questions, I hope they make the travel option lore-friendly, maybe even fun.
In Age of Conan, they had mini quests when traveling to an expansion area, but I assume that’d be too much to ask for Conan Exiles.
But it should be something fitting the theme at least, I think, such as traveling by boat from one place to the other. That would fit with the “shipwrecked” theme of Siptah and explain why you cannot bring thralls (they didn’t board the boat or didn’t survive the journey).

Or got stuck on a tree, or got stuck on a rock…lol. I cant see them coding a transfer server to server with any restrictions other than maybe the thralls and mounts/followers.


Aye I know exactly what you mean Fargast, and believe me when I say that I have been one of the biggest lobbyist on the forum for Funcom to get this guy finished and implemented into this great game! In fact if you look up any threads related to The Mummy of the Ring, I would wager you will find me in there advocating for him. :joy: Although constructively of course. To me the Journey Steps are the closest thing we have to a main questline in Conan Exiles. And as such I REALLY want to see this final step finished and up and running.