Connecting to character server - a joke by Funcom?

autenticating character server

Any time i get that, only ‘cancel’ is viable option and have to restart the game…
goat-coding again…

There were a number of large scale internet outages in the region of the servers over the past 24 hours.

During last two years, this happened about 100 times… and it never works only cancel button quits the game…
You talk about internet outages like it’s a globally covid. When i receive this message it only affects to me, not other players in the party.
Most of the time i have to deal with this message, i’m in a raid. Noone else is kicked out… so it’s not outage… it’s just goat-code…

It’s only affecting you? Are you sure it’s not your own internet?

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Sometimes one of the authentification servers has issues. Canceling and trying again has the chance to give you one that is up (There are I believe 4). Very rarely the game is also not working at all authentification wise for steam people since steam struggles (happened a couple of times).
If you specifically have it than chances are that something on your side blocks or interfers with the connecting to the authentification server.
Not saying it couldn’t be the code but that normally when the code is the source of the issue you get reports by the landfill and not specific to certain people.

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