"Connection Timed Out" On First Log-In After Server Restart

Hi all,

I’m currently hosting a private server for myself and 2 friends on Ubuntu 16.4. It’s been a learning experience but the server is working fine. I have scripts that start, stop, and update. My issue (I think) is with mods. We’re definitely mod-whores here, and have 18 or so, some of which are very large in size. I can’t even skip the opening movie until Conan hands off his axe due to the loading times. This isn’t an issue, but after a server restart, which happens often due to mods updating, I cannot log-in unless someone else logs in first.

Watching the logs, it seems the server can’t get all of the mods loaded before the connection times out. The strange part is that as long as someone else logs in before I do, I can log-in just fine. After that first log-in, I can continue to log-in until the next restart. Can I extend the time before the connection times out via an ini file? Could this be something else that I haven’t thought of?

I should add that I can log-in just fine without addons. They are certainly the issue here, but I really don’t want to disable them. We like playing with them, and would prefer to keep them. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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