Conq DPS Carnage red slot perk

I main dps Carnage and have 2 blue perks up already (2 for tank and 2 for dps) however the two red slots that are empty (except yellow, but I am training for a month…). Can someone tell me which red perks are good for dps?

There are no feats for the red slots that would increase your DPS, the passive feats in the red area might add some damage (like increased damage on the charge, more weapon DMG on you disciplines and so on) but the other ones are more for survival. You could go for the one feat that increases your constitution by some percentage and the CC break thing (on the pvp side) that heals a little HP too.

There are none for dps, you equip rear guard and boost your priests in group and either that crappy con buff or resolve (cc break is for pvp).