[Conquer] Cimmerian lvl 31

I’m lvl 31 and I’m having a hard time doing one of the quests where I have to kill Ymirish in lvl 30, the damage that I do and I can not even take 1 of the Ymirish. All the builds that I found as a suggestion for the conquer are based on lvl 80. can someone please guide me in how to distribute the points and also which skills should I use (1-9) and passive skills too. I play solo. I’m currently using a 2 hands Sword.


Those mobs are epic/elite level, meant for groups. If you target one and look at it’s health bar it will look different to normal mobs, depending on what ui you are using. Don’t worry, most of us came up against them first time and had a surprise.

would you suggest me how to distribute the points for the skills?

Since i cannot post links here, google johar aoc feat planner an post this code in the empty field. Or use the code ingame in the skill tree to import this distribution: level 31

Lvl 50

The general idea is: pull a group of (non-elite) mobs, plant the fire banner and use guard of dancing steel (GodS). Use several feint attack combos (they dont share cooldowns) to debuff your enemies andbuff yourself. Fill the gaps with hail of fur. Striked (later they will become 360° aoe (IV and onwards).
If youre confident with that try some weapon switching: blood bath I has nice dot damage. Debuff bosses with the ruin combo and you have a fear cc at your disposal.
Use burst of aggression freely, since every kill will refresh the timer