Conqueror Rotation

Hello, I’m looking into leveling a conqueror soon and I know they have complex rotation when it comes to tanking but is it possible to just focus on a 2h rotation for conqueror when it comes to tanking or do I have to do the weapon swap for the rotation?

Hi SirRaven. It is of course possible, you will just not be as good at holding aggro.

Basically if you want to compete with other soldiers at all you better get used to weapon swapping.
Bloodbath 7 is super strong, and Breach 4 is a nice debuff which not too many classes have. On top of my head it’s Guardians Guard Destroyer and Bear Shamans Rune of Agression. Bloodbath 1 is okay ish if you need to use it quickly or if you don’t have bloodbath 7. I don’t remember which AoE bloodbath rank which is the best besides 7, it could be rank 5 but again I dont totally remember. I just remember rank 6 being very bad.

I went to Khemi to hit on a strawman once without bloodbath and another time with bloodbath. I did swap for breach to get debuff both times to make it more “fair”. Both times in brute, def stance and the exact same gear. The only difference was as said not using bloodbath but instead going more 2h combos as a replacement.

The result was:
With bloodbath7: 1573 dps
Without bloodbath7 (hail of furious strikes 5): 1387 dps
Without bloodbath7 (hail of furious strikes 6): 1352 dps
I included hofs6 as well, however I personally prefer hofs5 as filler but not everyone agrees I think.

Now this was just one try each so these results aren’t good to make a final conclusion of, but it gives us an idea at least.

Here are some pictures of the total dmg numbers all combos did. Now again, remember this was a one time try on the three different set ups so the dmg numbers can be very different if you get either very lucky with crits or very unlucky with crits.

1573 dps -
1387 dps (hofs5) -
1352 dps (hofs6) -