Conqueror vs Barbarian quick comparison

The speed buff on phoenix cloak is fairly recent, there was a final hox revamp in 2014 which reduced phoenix cloak duration, added the movement speed feats and increased the damage deflection while removing ANY penalty. The interrupt mechanics are even older than that indeed. That is also when they added the KB immunity in demon form (or made it stronger at least).

PC used to be 30s duration, 30 deflect, -100 fire damage, -20% cold protection and -10% movement speed or something like that. IMO that was actually much more interesting than current version.

Dt is good on duel. Well dt was insanely broken before, when combo molding was a thing, and yog could burn all of mana from foe. But its still good enough. Unless you’re struggling with high ping.

Barb, conq can do same thing with upheaval, FA9 but more efficiently, and sin used to one shot casters in 0.5s with gc+dww molding. Its just melee thing. Demo or necro is way more dangerous than guard in most of cases. One shotting clothies is not very usual in real game actually. And most of time they will survive easily by getting healed or supported. Accidently being killed by a guard in minis doesnt make guard “good”.

It’s not ‘some matchup’ if both players are equally skilled. Even in 2v2 guard has the lowest winrate over all other classes.

Yeah thats the point of this post actually lmao.

Of course you already lost 60% weapon damage. Its big difference. And also you didnt spec impale, momentum but enraged spirit? Wraith barely stack up +5 in fight. If you’re using sustaining wraith as AA perk, its good but if you gonna spam CW its useless feat. You just sacrificed 20s cd charge to get meaningless feat.
Speccing master pikeman, hateful vengence over fortitude? Omg :sweat_smile: just get fortitude first it gives you fixed 3dps per feat
Finally, get titanic smash, if you investigated enough on juggernaut. Unless you’re struggling on weapon swap.

But as i said, feats are preference :blush: do whatever you want

Now i can see you dont know about the game but pretend you know everything. HoX hfb didnt interrupt combos before the patch came in middle of 2011.
Phoenix cloak havent changed since 2009? :joy:
It was big difference and not knowing this is telling me you’re just talking about you didnt even experience.

Btw Why did you quit replying on the other thread, is it because you wanted avoid the situation you’re being a coward?

Yeah it is good. Also bit noob friendly since we don’t struggle as much to build dps. Can be a mana trolling class to stay alive as well at a cost of wasting time to feed Soul Barrier instead of gaining the X kill efficiently.

Conqueror is even more noob friendly. I’ve seen many inexperienced Conquerors perform better just because they knew how to activate a bubble, rest of the time just kiting, not even changing stances and spam their Auto attack hoping to get the kill. I have yet to try a PvE Warped Dread - Solid Pestilence build against them just for the fun and excitement to see how they will kill themselves alone. Not to mention they will do the impossible to fill our Sadism Counter from Masochism feat fully in no time.

Jokes aside, one can always make out an experienced Conqueror from those.

It’s Guardian that requires better skill to do very good dps. I think he really needs the boost to counter more noob friendly tanks Conq/DT. That way, more Guardians will be present.

Conq is by far the ‘hardest’ of the three tanks to play well. You have to micromanage your buffs/debuffs, and failure to land white hits results in huge damage decrease. There’s also a ton of weapon switching involved. I strongly urge you to play all three classes before posting about how hard each one is on the basis of judging other players in minigames.

It’s very easy to be a mediocre conq who gets a couple kills and does not die. It’s a lot harder to be a conqueror with game-changing impact. The same goes for DT players.

Guardian is incredibly straightforward. It is in no way ‘hard’ to play.

I agree Guardian is indeed more straigthforward, but i never saw any bad guardians for some reason in any minigame. Maybe because only good players continue to use the class in PvP…
DTs on the other hand, i only see people who boosted their stats first and then enter PvP at all but i suppose i know the reason. Conquerors are more common.
I am seeing also the kill rate and it’s quite low everytime so because of it i think it’s really harder to get some dps output. It’s what kept me down from trying to level a Guardian over 65. I gave up fast on the class twice. Although i liked one fact ‘‘Guardian outlasts his enemies’’
I don’t know…

Hahahaha do you know why? Its because only good players who wanna prove themselve play guardian. Its kind of challenge for them. There’re always these “playing only the worst classes” people in other games too.
And you got the point. Guard lvling is tougher than $2 wallmart steak. Especially atzel-keshatta phase. But most of people just get boosted in dmc and once they hit 80 on their guard, they just stop playing it. And after that they get killed by guard in minis, visit forum then say guard is “ok”.
You might wanna quit guard again on pit arena btw lol.

mY cLasS iS hArDEr tHAn yOuRs. Oh come on not again. Do you know this is most childish subject in entire gaming history? “My class is harder”, “my game is harder”. The difficult parts each player feels are different. Some people struggles on switching not only stance but maneuver all the time and managing reckoning being used only in frenzy. Some people struggles on managing buffs. And some people struggles on landing combos with 1h weapon.
And idk why you think conq is only class gets dps decrease by missing white hits.

I`m not sure why there is a 70 messages discussion with someone who claims barb and guard as weak classes in PvP and DT having worse CCs than conq :smiley:


This discussion was very interesting.
I Myself learned a few things and none of all that could be covered in NPH right?
The result is what matters in the first place.

It was ‘‘Creative’’ even if a bit salty between people. But that is just part of PvP anyway.
We all believe in a healthy/ competitive/ active PvP community after all.

thats some interesting message :smiley:

You are referring me but ive never said barb is a weak class if you can even read. And of course dt has worse cc since they dont have kb and insta silence/interrupt. :sweat_smile:

Stop bring alts here and grow up. I didnt reports you btw

I originally posted this to show how op conq is, mostly in pvp but few people made their imagination “barb is weak” which is ive never said. Lmao. And it turned into guard discussion. Its because a guy thought he’s best in the world failed on my another post and tried to continue on here. Because he wanted to avoid there

conq doesn`t have insta interrupt neither it has stun/360 fear xD

Please know your class first before you protect it or discuss. Even trump would know cut throat inturrupts.
Plus, aoe kb is always better than aoe fear or stun. Slashing mobs with dooming presence in OS wave1-5 doesnt mean dt has better cc’s, even tho it looks pretty cool. If dt had kb it would be pure nightmare.
And why dont you tell me where i said “barb is a weak class”?

How is Throat Slash an instant? Once you tell me that, we can move on

You do not see conqs easily getting 60 CCs a game in pvplevelup. DT can consistently surpass 50 CCs even when playing suboptimally with constant interrupts.