Conqueror vs Barbarian quick comparison

just wanna add that barbarian also has a one button self heal that is really strong in pvp. swarm fighter usually heals around 1,000 - 3,000ish health instantly if you use it correctly. it depends on positioning yourself between enough enemies though, so atleast theres a little more gameplay required

but instant silence and kb, you don`t understand the class, poor pvper

Ah yeah i missed that and i really like it! It saved me a lot lol. Thanks for adding

Are you trying to play with me or what? Should i call it “instacombosilence” then?
Jesus christ lol

it`s not instacombo either ;( takes like 1sec to finish it and apply effect

Throat slash is good, but I don’t think anyone is fooling themselves and saying it’s one of the best CCs in the game.

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Is your point that guard doesn’t have an equivalent to dt and conq in terms of dps/op-ness?

Guard equivalent is that there is no prep time to +10% crit chance + passive armor pen/crit dmg. Also the crazy polearm-range. Only if you do the powerhouse spec it starts resembling dt where you need to build stacks, also like you say guard destroyer, but limited to the targets you hit with it.

The topping on the cake when it comes to guard is the CC resists + impactful team support cooldowns. Nobody uses evade “bubble” btw :stuck_out_tongue:

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The conq is overdone, I think everybody agrees to this - as a whole it’s on another level. DT is also on another level with the peak potential of VoM in itself, but not as good of a package as the conq. Guard is more aligned with conq imo, as it offers more of a whole package, but only with a team to feed off of. Conq can do more alone, and that’s why people experience the power of conq more often.

Luckily the clonk clonk combo has somewhat of a cooldown. Counterweight barely has a cooldown, so there’s that.

In group play the guard can reliably run up to a clothie and crit it for ~50% of its health with the 1st combo. DT and Conq can’t do this - the buildup is a bit longer, and the DT in particular has lesser range. So I just wanted to point out that guard has its own merits that should not be overlooked.


Of the tanks, Guardian also has the best CCs by far.

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Zeus one shotting my demo from 75% hp with 9k+ health across the bridge on Jheball sag multiple times a day …fun times it was ,yes yes ,buff guardians please !

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Conq revamp broke the previous debuff system because it added elemental torment and physical torment debuffing to both banners & techniques. They could have easily left hoarfrost mechanics as the only debuffer, so one of either banner or technique. Putting the effect on fire banner alone probably makes the most sense since it increases crit rating like hoarfrost did. Alternatively reducing the chance to proc torments may have worked. This would have had no impact to PVE.

The weapon damage bonuses are a bit crazy for a class that can sit in defensive stance as well but it’s not really the most glaring problem since you are removing 4500 armor automatically just landing white hits or combos and can get absurd crit rating chance. Ruthless assault and furious strikes are over the top and poorly designed since they bring conq’s crit rating (temporarily but often) to the highest of any class in the game. Furious strikes should probably be like a 20% chance to boost crit at 5 points invested.

When you combine the fact you can 5x physical torment very quickly and keep it up, add wrack and ruin, it’s no surprise the class is very strong in group pvp/duels. BS is also very strong for the same reason. The self healing is great but it’s not game breaking since it at least requires stack building to have the full effect on the HoT.

EDIT: GoDS replaced retribution from the broken revamp with even more ridiculous retrib damage that can be up entire fights. The proc rate should be lowered and crit should be removed from that like Guard’s guard/deliberate reprisal combo. Nobody has any issues with Guard’s version in PvP.

Then you’ve got classes that are supposed to be pure DPS with a fraction of the debuff capabilities of Conq/BS. Ranger has a basic torment debuff that isn’t all that effective, sin as well, but ranged debuffs should be avoided anyway, demo is a bit overkill there. Sin burden to bear could have seen the values along the lines of 7 / 15 / 25 pps or something to make that feat more useful. Right now it’s very hit or miss on whether you get a torment for a number of reasons I’ll leave out for now.

Since this post was about conq/barb, focusing on barb, it only has 4 wreck armors combos on pretty long CD’s so you have to be on point not missing the combo and timing it to actually get 5x physical torment stack. The wreck armor combo could easily be changed to apply 2x torment like BS feral growl to align it more, again not changing anything in PVE. So instead of 5 wreck armors you’d need to landing 3 wreck armors to get a 5x stack count.

Demo doesn’t have all that much ranged debuffing. It has the torments on instants and chaotic blast. Generally speaking, the classes that do serious debuffing are the priests, with a couple notable exceptions which provide debuffs that the following classes don’t necessarily benefit from themselves:

  • Conquerorhas every type of physical debuff and elemental torments, all on low cool downs. This is overkill by a wide margin. I can’t understand why they do elemental torments. Half of me thinks that funcom wanted to stop conqs from always getting physical torments, so they made it a 50/50 between a physical torment and an elemental one instead of lowering the proc chance.
  • necro AOE physical wrack debuff on gangrenous stench

demo very quickly gives 5x elemental torment at range -1250 prot is no joke when you can’t even hit the person. I say its overkill since its an autoaim class with instants but depends on your viewpoint I guess. At least tos storm crown has a cooldown before it ticks another aoe. Need 20 or 25 seconds to 5x elemental torment stack a player can’t remember the exact numbers.

The classes that excel in duels (ie. can kill other classes more often than not) have great debuffing.

EDIT: this list is old and not 100% accurate but it’s just to showcase in general

Conqueror (Breach), Guardian (Guard Destroyer), Bear Shaman (Rune of Aggression)

Bear Shaman (Mani. of Forest), Assasin (Grim Corruption), Necromancer (Gangrenous Stench), Conqueror (Feint Attack), Ranger (Armor Ripper)

Bear Shaman (Crush Armor), Assassin (Burden to Bear), Barbarian (Wreck Armor), Conqueror (any banner or technique), Ranger (Armor Ripper)

Priest of Mitra (Avert Thines Eyes), Dark Templar (Dread Shadow), Necromancer (Frenzy)

Priest of Mitra (Rebuke), Assassin (Grim Corruption), Dark Templar (Unhallowed Blight)

Necromancer (Bligthed One pet, Grim Hunger, Lifestrike), Assasin (Miasma: Soul Toxin, 2 stacks), Priest of Mitra (Wandering Disciple)

Tempest of Set (Curse of Set), Herald of Xotli (Inferno Curse)

Tempest of Set (Lightning Sparks), Demonologist (Chaotic Blast), Herald of Xotli (Molten Steel Slash)

Tempest of Set (Storm Throne), Necromancer (Deathly Blizzard), Demonologist (Blazing fire, Soul Resonance), Conqueror (any banner or technique)

Really? Demo can debuff a target really fast with conflag/havoc hybrid (which is the standard, I’m a troll demo). Pretty sure it’s one of the (if not the) fastest ways to apply torments at least.

what AA perks 2h barbarian should use at 10 pvp with full t3 pvp gear? i mean +5% crit chance and…?

Chromatic (when they have lots of magic), elusive (helps a lot vs sin, ranger, conq…), precise (reliable damage increase) and pressing (peak burst) are all good options depending on the fight/playstyle.

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