Conqueror vs Barbarian quick comparison

Please know your class first before you protect it or discuss. Even trump would know cut throat inturrupts.
Plus, aoe kb is always better than aoe fear or stun. Slashing mobs with dooming presence in OS wave1-5 doesnt mean dt has better cc’s, even tho it looks pretty cool. If dt had kb it would be pure nightmare.
And why dont you tell me where i said “barb is a weak class”?

How is Throat Slash an instant? Once you tell me that, we can move on

You do not see conqs easily getting 60 CCs a game in pvplevelup. DT can consistently surpass 50 CCs even when playing suboptimally with constant interrupts.

just wanna add that barbarian also has a one button self heal that is really strong in pvp. swarm fighter usually heals around 1,000 - 3,000ish health instantly if you use it correctly. it depends on positioning yourself between enough enemies though, so atleast theres a little more gameplay required

but instant silence and kb, you don`t understand the class, poor pvper

Ah yeah i missed that and i really like it! It saved me a lot lol. Thanks for adding

Are you trying to play with me or what? Should i call it “instacombosilence” then?
Jesus christ lol

it`s not instacombo either ;( takes like 1sec to finish it and apply effect

Throat slash is good, but I don’t think anyone is fooling themselves and saying it’s one of the best CCs in the game.

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