Conquest PvP - MTDqVJTYm6

[Server Description]

Welcome to Conquest PVP with a dash of RP, we are a territories based server with PVP and very minimal roleplay. Discord is mandatory and the main form of communication, we use it for event organization, roleplay, rules, ETC. Discord: MTDqVJTYm6

[Basic Info]

  • The server is divided into territories to expand upon the PVP and raiding in the game.

  • Roleplay is not forced, but instead encouraged. Regularly roleplaying will earn you rewards from the admins in the form of treasure hunts or quests.

  • This is not your typical roleplay server, if you cannot handle PVP or getting raided then this isn’t the server for you.

  • The server currency is eldarium and can be obtained via events, territories, or keystone exchanges with the bank economy.

  • Rare and DLC items can be purchased in the admin shop economy tab.

  • There is a admin bank where your clan has 1 bank box to store anything you want. This can only be accessed when admins are online. Inactive player bank boxes go up for auction.

  • Starter kits are offered in channel #starter-kit.

  • Welcome center with crafting stations is located in H3 at the Mitra Shrine

[Server Settings]

  • KOD is enabled during non-raid days and DOD is enabled during raid days.

  • Harvest is 4x during KOD and 8x during DOD

  • Crafting cost is 0.8.

  • Experience multipliers are 5x.

  • Server restarts happen at Noon and Midnight EST every day.

  • PVP is enabled in the world at all times.

  • Land claim radius 0.3

[Raid Schedule]

  • Monday | Disabled

  • Tuesday | Disabled

  • Wednesday | Disabled

  • Thursday | 7pm EST to 10pm EST

  • Friday | 7pm EST to 10pm EST

  • Saturday | 7pm EST to 10pm EST

  • Sunday | Disabled

Sever map located on Discord