CONQUEST SYSTEM - Conquer player-built fortresses and settlements

The Conquest system intends to enhance Clan vs. Clan PvP by creating a more organized mechanic. It is intended for PvE conflict servers — which would become PvP Conquest servers without regular building damage.

This system revolves around an item: The Conquest Flag :triangular_flag_on_post:. This is a special kind of flag that can be planted to create a ‘Conquest Radius’. This radius is the shape of a bubble, and is colored red.

After planting this flag, players compete in that specific region. Conquest regions are marked on the world map for all players to participate. Attackers will attempt to damage structures within the region, and defenders will try to protect the structures while killing the attackers.

Inside the Conquest Radius:

  • All invading clan deaths are counted against the invaders.
  • Building anything is not possible, with exceptions for chests and siege weapons.
  • All building damage is counted towards the attacking clan.

The Conquest flag lasts for a fair amount of time. Perhaps 4 hours. This is enough time to wage a conquest on the weekend, but also on a weekday night under organized circumstances.

Before planting a Conquest Flag, the invader is shown how many points they will need to accumulate to succeed. They may choose to place their flag strategically, to incrementally take over an enemy settlement — first by taking the outer walls, and then attacking the fortress within. A clan might run three or four successive conquests on a Saturday. The system calculates the amount of Conquest points required based upon…

  • How many foundations are in the radius
  • How many structure pieces are in the radius
  • How many bound beds are in the radius
  • How many thralls are posted in the radius
  • How many crafting stations are in the radius

After they have reviewed the required Conquest Points to succeed, they can choose to either:

  • Plant the flag and start the Conquest!
  • Cancel the Conquest, returning the flag to their inventory.

This system is intended to create a more ordered and strategic way of waging war. Players might ‘conquer’ other players’ fortresses and extend their grip. Rather than destroying other players utterly, this mechanic would allow player structures to persist through wars. Clans might want to take other players’ bases, and restructure them to suit their own purposes.

The Conquest Flag would have a high cost to craft — requiring gold and silver for the handle and hilt, and luxurious silk for the banner. This would prevent players from conquering buildings from new players.

If you’re into this idea, then raise some noise. The Suggestions forum is quick-moving, and good ideas can fall to the bottom of the stack quickly beneath the slurry of new ideas.