Conquest System to Discourage Base Wiping

So I’ve been thinking about what could make conan better, and I thought to myself… What about a conquest system? Hear me out, what if instead of just leveling the place, destroying every container to get stuff, and wiping a clan off the map, you instead have to lay siege, break a door or wall down, get in, break some more doors, and destroy the enemy spawn points, maybe kill all the thralls above a certian tier, and all the players within the base, then once youve broken all the beds, the base and everything in it becomes your clan’s property?

Like, if you base wipe someone they’re probably gonna leave the server anyway from my experience. This way thered at least be a realistically inhabitable fortress left, people didnt level cities, they took them and rebuilt them.

I mean, if its super RP heavy the conquered clan may even have some member join the conquering clan. Itd also pay to keep second hidden base to start anew when youre conquered, or even give you a chance to retake the homeland!

Maybe vaults are an exception and they DONT become the new clan’s property. They already dont behave like most other containers, if you want whats in the vault you have to do it the old fashioned way. In the mean time, the rebel forces can mount an offense against the invaders and retake their base before the vault is broken open.

Anyone have any additional ideas? Or alternate ones? I really just dont see the point in leaving these broken, half destroyed bases on every server after clans abandon a server when theyre defeated.

Ive been an admin, and while its kinda neat to go see what player managed to get in their time there, its a lot of work and a real bummer to clean it all up and see where peoole just kinda bailed. I think this would encourage more replay for players, knowing that not all their work was undone, and they could mount an offense to take back what was theirs.


I proposed something similar. Where building pieces are neutral ownership but can be claimed with placeables on it. You have to destroy the placeables and then get take over the building.

However with land claims and such the way they are and enforced on, I don’t think this is a going to work well.

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Citadel did this, however it was only one placeable to get the whole building… it made pvp in that one kind of terrible and basically made everything else irrelevant. But with the additional objectives id support this… it would definetly help as bomb wiping defeated enemies isnt really fun and some servers have half wiped bases everywhere

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@GodKingVivec And in the end one clan would have way to many bases and be reported and banned

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Without getting into the particulars, this kind of system would be much more interesting to me than sweep and destroy. Getting it right would be challenging tho.


Actually…outside the word choices…that’s not a bad idea. Instead of “banned”. Wipe it all and call it “Conquest”.

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Interesting idea but not going to give it much more thought than that. It’s hard enough to maintain one base under the tos so talking about multiple is silly.


The only issue I would have with it really is how much of the base would need to be conquered or destroyed to claim everything else ? The bigger the base the more want need to be done to take it to be fair the player who spent the time building it.

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Add it to the game, but disable it for officials. No need to adjust the ToS/CoC then.

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Good idea
Instead of wait enemy base will decay, you just conquere it and dont need to spend much resources for building new base, just repair that what you take from other clan or player and your “castle” is ready

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I do not agree. You can always return to the destroyed base and recover resources to move to another point on the map and prepare for revenge. Pvp died because of the cheaters. The system works fine so if you want to have land you have to work hard and destroy everything, conquering the structures will only lead to server performance issues. This is reality.

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I didnt even know there was land claim stuff in the TOS lol

Well id say it should be a server setting option admins can turn on


That already happens though.

Thats where playtesing, and making it optional comes in.

I didnt even know that was a thing. Yeah thatd definitely need some adjustment.

Well yeah but you could say the same for the player who just got wiped entirety.

Eh, thats why i think it should be optional. Like another game mode for server admins who want it.

New game types could certainly be trialed and a rule variations are not a bad idea as well.