Conquest trophies

If you mean me then you did not understand.
You can do bori in a group, and that speeds it up.

T3 pvp gear is high end gear. It takes the most time and effort to get, obviously. Evereything in this game is way easier if you band up with other people. If you do not want to do that, then you will have to put even more time into achieving your goals. That is the basic design of an MMO, and nothing new.

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thats why this mmo has population of 200 players online. New players must grind much, and pvp against 10 y o vets with full gear and legendary items. Fiar? Ok.

I just asked about how to get trophies not about raid gear and other things. Also no one dig bori now, its outdated af.

I already found way to grind this trophis ALONE and faster then by minigames or bori. Close topic

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