Consider the rebuild system from Myth of Empires

In Myth of Empires, if you place building pieces, they start with ~50 HP and heal up over time.

This is a good mechanic IMO, since it prevents players from building in raiders. The raiders can simply destroy the newly placed building pieces to escape again.

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Nice suggestion - works for PVP, but has minimal impact if any on PVE. Sounds good :slight_smile:
(Obviously, this all assumes it could be implemented without adding any bugs - and why would we assume that :wink: - but that’s no reason not to try.)

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The medieval engineer player in me almost wonders why we don’t simply carry branches build 1hp frames and then fill them in with mats with the repair hammer.

But holy crap I think the playerbase would riot if they did that.

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Would make it more realistic yes. But yes, people would cry. Since you can’t build foundations 10 kilometers away anymore and all the apex bases will actually take time to build (the need of scaffolding will be real).

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How would that stop any of the building shenanigans wev’e gone over in the last couple weeks?

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Not with that attitude :laughing:

That’s what Camels and Carts are for!

That was always something I liked in 7days2die - placing rebar frames, then having to upgrade them with wood and wet concrete - and then they took a while to set, not only having lower hp, but also lower structural stability. Apparently other people didn’t like it (or the devs didn’t) either way it got removed and simplified :confused:

That’s a shame. I kinda liked it in Medieval Engineers. You had sections of walls you were building and they LOOKED like they were being built. Not simply poofing into existence.

I mean it would work functionally the same. Need the same resources you just place the wall or whatnot first then build it, instead of building it then placing it.

Just a bit of effort put into each piece. But then your building buildings, rather than placing them.

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