Console based test server

Been playing for a while now and as awesome as it can be the release of new content and larger patches breaking the game and the work people put in is very disheartening

I’ve watched people on the server I play on lose many, many hours of work because of bugs and glitches, thralls have become level 0 after server restarts, thrall AI keeps breaking, building pieces explode after restarts etc.

I would like to see a system where consoles get access to a single PvE and PvP test server each and where updates stay on the server for longer so issues can be tested and fixed before release instead of the current system where a patch is put on the PC test server and that patch, good or bad, end up on consoles with no changes due to the certification process.

While we can’t change how long it takes to get an update to consoles I really think with better more open testing the great work the Devs are doing can be tested and refined more before the public release of the content

It could be done if there was enough will for it if there was enough time given for testing instead of the current 1 week on PC only they would have time for a steady release of improvements and fixes along the way instead of what we have now.

The team do a great job of trying to fix the bugs they find, but finding them seems to be an issue

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