Console command Menu is tiny

Game mode: [Online]
Region: Eastern US

I logged on one day and found the console menu to be absolutely tiny to the point I cannot read it even up close with my prescription glasses. Any way to resize it at all because I logged back in and it was still tiny.

Hello @Davies677, there’s no in-game means to resize this menu but we’ll be sure to relay your feedback to the developers.

As a possible workaround, lowering the resolution through your console’s video settings might help.

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Hmm, is this in the right section? I didnt realize we had a console command menu like that on xbox. If so how do I access it?

@Scumdog1980 You’ll need to use a keyboard with your XBOX to access this menu.

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Is there a list online of what commands there are and what they do?

Why yes, there is a list here.

Thank you

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