Console: keyboard & mouse integration


Integration of keyboard and mouse should always be an option of a PC port game. Would also allow for use of in game text chat and many other features.
In a FPS game I can see where it would be argued that doing so would cause unbalance and be unfair to those using a controller, however in a melee based game where being dead on doesn’t make much of a difference I do not believe this suggestion to be game breaking.

Does anyone else agree or feel differently?


I have been seeing this a lot in my game, a chat box blip on and off my screen, normally right after a loading screen. This is proof that console actually HAS a text based chat box, but it can only be shown by pressing “Ctrl + T” as stated IN the chat box itself. However, due to the fact that funcom did not permit keyboard integration you can not access a feature that is already IN the game. Something I have seen people ask for a number of times, yet it goes unheard.


I saw that as well, and I wrote a post suggesting a chat box in the PS4 platform. I’m with you :slight_smile:


@Tascha why you lie? It’s in the game already. You just won’t let us use it. Use swipe commands like up on the touch pad to open chat. Down on touch pad to hide it. PS4 controller has 5 unique areas it can register as buttons depending where you touch the pad and press down 3areas on the top of the pad (left middle and right) and two on the bottom of the pad (left and right). You can also utilize 4+ different directional swiping that can be used. Many games already make use of these features like “Dreadnought” for both pressing and swiping. Or “Elite Dangerous” for multi area pressing of touch pad.
OR, as suggested above. Give us USB keyboard integration. If you can’t figure it out. Please reach out to Six Foot for help.

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