Console players deserve a response

Can we please get an update on why the game has become so unstable on last generation consoles and what is being done to correct these issues?



I don’t bother logging in anymore because you spend more time reloging/trying to fix it after a crash, or glitched graphics, etc. And loading the game cam take a while before you can move or you will be teleported back.

You try to open map? Freeze. Challenge/Bazar? Freeze. Sorcery spell? Freeze. Or casually walking in your base? Freeze.

And that’s on PS5. I suppose in this state the game isn’t supported on PS4.

Hope we hear something official from Funcom about these issues.

Btw, I also play on PC and since PS5
Is unplayable I went back to my 6+ years old outdated PC and played for about 4 hours no issues.


You guess it isn’t supported. A lot of players are saying that. It would be one thing if it were just nextgen or PC saying it, but actual PS4 players are now. It’s not right for us to decide things like this. If FunCom didn’t intend for this update to be played on PS4 or Xbox, they should have told us and they shouldn’t have made it available. The fact that they made it available means they are responsible for it. Especially since they’re taking money from oldgen customers. FunCom created this mess and they are responsible for correcting it.


I am so glad people are starting to say this, the game is unplayable, all my time goes into body retrieval and finding orphaned kitted out followers,
the idea has been floated and 2 people so far have said they are playing a pre-sorcery versions of the game.

I would be more than happy to uninstall and re-install. Does anyone know how this might be possible? To stop the install before Sorcery? Do we make signs? prostrate ourselves before Funcom? Write letters?
(30 days of Memes sure aren’t getting it done.)


It would be nice, but I don’t see that happening unless they split oldgen and nextgen. I seriously doubt FunCom would want to do that unless they’re forced to. Splitting the two would mean removing the Bazaar from oldgen and I’d bet that makes up the majority of their console customer base.

I suspect it probably breaks down something like this:

Console - 49%
–oldgen - 70%
–nextgen -30%
PC - 51%

So that’s what? About a third of the players are on PS4 and Xbox? They ain’t growing the player base either or else they wouldn’t be so focused on winging out everything they can from the existing game. I don’t know that they’re going to do anything to help us based on that educated assumption.


You won’t get a response. Hopefully updates continue to come.


That doesn’t mean I should stop asking. None of us should stop asking. Other people having similar issues see posts like mine and hopefully it encourages them to speak up too. Even if you’re not having any issues and you browse through and see a post like mine and the lack of response you see that FunCom isn’t responding and it will make you stop and think when you have an issue in the future. The fact that they’re not responding actually says more than you think. We’re not being hostile and we’re asking straightforward genuine questions. What’s wrong with the game that is causing these issues to affect all platforms, what is being done about it, and when can we reasonably expect it to be fixed? If they can’t answer these questions we all have a huge problem even if we’re reluctant to admit it.


in addition moving forward after 4plus years of similar patch/crash cycles an option to allow or disallow a patch update on consoles until a level of game stability is achieved is not unreasonable.

Patch is coming update (patch Y/N).
quickly hands off items to clanmates with PS5s. see you in 6 months guys.
(that should be the standard response, that the previous patch might be the last one that is playable on original game’s console).


Cyberpunk 2077 had some similarities with the unplayability issue.
Enough people raised a stink and demanded refunds that they got delisted until fixed and after the most recent update, the PS4 version is completed and will no longer be updated.
Honestly, Conan Exiles is fast approaching the point they need to make the final update on previous gen consoles.

That said, there are several issues to keep in mind about why this is unlikely to happen.
1.Cyberpunk was made by CDProjektRED.
Conan Exiles, while developed by Funcom, is now a Tencent property.
If one doesn’t know the difference between CDProjekt and Tencent, one likely hasn’t delved much into the industry.
2. Conan Exiles has been out for several years. Demanding a refund when a developer breaks a game and renders it unplayable is much more difficult than demanding a refund when the game is launched unplayable. Simply put, a refund is unlikely, and the amount of howling necessary to get it delisted would require a new push in players on console. Unlikely.
3. Conan Exiles is now modelled as a Game as Service. While the game isn’t free to play, it is monetized like it is. The Publisher themsleves will never willingly delist or cease supporting (read cease updating) on any platform because that cuts a revenue source.
4. As things are reckonned with Conan Exiles, there have been several patches in rapid succession to try to address the atrocious state of the game.

This one is not even going to pretend to justify the state 3.0 launched in. Hopefully someone lost their job over it and will never find work in the video game industry again. The first patched covered some of the most overt issues. Issues that could have changed availability and regulation in some jurisdictions. The second patch improved render rates and seems to have helped stability a touch. It’s still not anywhere near pre-3.0 levels of stability.

Funcom does not have a reputation for good communication. This one does not know where the communication break down is. That many of the “staff” present in the forums are not actual employees of the community engagement team staggers the mind. This one refuses to speak ill of those volunteering in such a effluence festival. There don’t seem to be any actual employees anywhere to be found most days. This one has no idea how the internal information flows. In all likelihood, there is work being done behind the scenes, but the company plays their cards so close to the chest we never know until the last minute.
When this game was a product, it was more forgivable. No less annoying, but not an offense.
With the Game as a Service, it’s very irksome and beyound the pale how sparse updates are while reports continue to flow regarding interruptions in that service.


Playing those cards close to their chest! Truer Words hath not been spoke…

@LostBrythunian , Always appreciate your thoughts, and insights.
I have been disappointed that more hasn’t been said regarding the current state of the game with Conan Post 3.0 Sorcery beyond these Forums and Bug Reports. But interacting on the Forums has helped balance disappointment and reassess expectations, we can’t make them fix it.

But if they don’t fix it, then I guess all we can do is remember who broke it.


Refreshing official server.We are playing on ours until they fix the game


**@sestus2009 **
you optimistic ba$t@rd! ! ! !!

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Love you @sestus2009!


Optimistic is all you can be after all these years. Love you too


Steam had some choice words, but it’s as much about Tencent/Monetization as Performance.

Also, where would one look to see such things being said?
Is there a Reddit that should have more anger?


Especially for PS players I bought crom coins like a week ago and still haven’t received it. They should make it free for a month for that . This game on consoles needs pop in general needs pop


yeah its hard to get a feel for the real numbers of folks struggling with game issues, the YouTubers are all walking the diplomatic path and have better hardware PCs, most of the folks that have been disappointed well, i mean its been years of cheerleading for Funcom to this point, at some point you find a new team to cheer for.

Addendum: unrelated note I did notice the Reddit PS4 Community is gone. I also popped into Steam’s Reviews Section and start reading some posts, lol, ah good times. Gave me a chuckle. Thanks @LostBrythunian.


Glad you were amused.
Altho meta amusement about reviews of a game may not be enjoying the game is intended. Well, until it’s fixed, we make due where we can.

The tubers whom this one watchs who play rather than build, have made noises about it around the update periods, but they do have to a living to make, so it behooves them to not be in full vitriol mode. Ultimately, the highest condemnation one can give a game is to no longer produce content around it. But that also hurts the streamer as well.

At the end of the day, there are probably only a tiny handful of people who actually want the game to fail.

The overwhelming majority seem to be angry over an inability to play and some monetization shenanigans. It’s much easier to be angry about someone’s money making schemes when they are perceived to be rewarded for making the game less playable. But to be perfectly honest, the monetization system isn’t fixed either… Which is a mixed bag.
On the one hand, the money system absolutely must be in order.
On the other, that it wasn’t the first thing fixed, indicates priority is being given to other matters. Which is paradoxically upstanding.

Perhaps this one is entirely wrong, but much of the current anger would subside if the game were at least as stable and loadable as it was before 3.0. Some would continue to have tantrums, because the Internet cannot only be for prawns. However, many would either go back to semi productive posting or simply fade away as their only presence here was a result of things going horri-bad.


Console players definitely deserve some kind of response from Funcom. From what I’m seeing the game is pretty much unplayable on PS4 & even for some PS5 players.

When I log in (PS4) I get the screen flashing to and from black, & I constantly lag. I haven’t blue screened, instead I keep freezing for no real reason. Looking around? Frozen. Can’t press options, can’t open inventory, can’t look around- nothing. End up having to close app. Load in to the flashy screen again. Go back to base and about to open a cabinet, frozen again. Same deal. Tried to use the orb to change my hair- frozen, big surprise. Accidentally went to the battle pass page in my menus? Frozen.
I literally tried playing the game for the first time in like a year yesterday and it was nothing but constant lags and freezing. I ended up frozen like I described at least once every 15 minutes. Needless to say I played less than 2 hours of that bull, just journeyed to my friend’s base.
We deserve a response. We as players payed money for the game/dlc/gamepass & as such we deserve to have a working game.

So here’s hoping replying to these topics enough will get some attention brought to this massive issue. :upside_down_face:


There’s an update out today, but what I’ve had the chance to read it doesn’t give me any hope. Instead they’ve fixed a bug that stops players from sharing some sort of armor and a couple other random useless fixes compared to the real issues. They need to give up patching the dam and actually fix it. It’s going to go at some point and it’s a matter of who gets taken with it. If they fill us in what’s being done, we’ll all go down together. Don’t fill us in and they’ll go alone. Until it’s fixed we need to stop putting money in their pockets. Play, but don’t buy anything. Personally, I’m just logging in just to reset my timers because that’s all I can do anyway since it crashes everytime I try to play.


@Snoogans99 100%,
heck I’ll give you 101% (I broke the laws of maths to agree with you HARDER!).

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