Console spawning purges

hey guys,

i am using console commands to start purges on my private server. when i do StartPlayerPurge RelicHunter_Purge_Wave1 without a full purge meter, it doesnt spawn for obvious reasons.

so i do FillAllClanPurgeMeters and then enter in StartPlayerPurge RelicHunter_Purge_Wave1. the purge will start moments later, however it never starts the relic hunters. it seems to just be picking a random purge the moment i fill the meter rather than starting the specific purge i am entering into the console.

how do i get it to start the purge i want rather than just picking one at random? i realize that im probably doing something wrong, and i dont have much experience using the console in conan exiles, so any advice would be helpful. thanks!


Welcome to the Forum. There are some locations on the map that only spawn particular purges. I am not on pc so I don’t know if commands overwrite that or not. Plenty of experienced pc players on Forum. @Einarr

hey, thanks for the reply.

i know that certain purges only cover certain areas. i found a map online that shows which purges cover what regions. im well inside the boundaries of the one im trying to spawn. ive gotten it to spawn before, but tonight i got no luck entering the command

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