Console Update?

Does anyone have any info on when PS4/Xbox will be getting any type of update? PC has got several major and minor updates since Siptah and im starting to think we have been forgotten again.

I know the updates have either been good or bad but again no love for the consoles. Think last patch was back in Aug.

Im low key still exited for that 2x harvest on officals if thats still on the plate.

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From the Dev’s Stream Recap:

M: Consoles Parity Patches (26:51):

The ‘Isle of Siptah’ map itself, we all know won’t be released on consoles until sometime early 2021 when the expansion is fully released and is out of Early Access. But as far as new features and updates that affect both maps, such as the 2.1 update, Alex wanted to touch on that.

Alex said that on the side, they are working on getting consoles up to the same version as PC. Right now of course, their focus is on clearing up the out of memory issues with XBOX. If they are able to fix the issues in terms of both quality and sufficient speed to deploy those fixes, they hope to bring consoles to parity in the 2.2 update. The 2.2 update has a current goal for release before the end of the year, but that goal could change based on how things look over the next few weeks.


think of the pc as the laboratory mouse and we in the public at the end of the tests

consoles always lag behind, due to the reduced audience and the difficulties I believe

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