Consoles I’d dead now :(

For real this game is mad depressing waiting half a year for an update and it’s not including the map, sure that’s fine, but not giving your best efforts at at least try repopulating the game like this game had so much potential if it had arks/rusts population it would be 10000% the best survival game well I’ve quit like 80% of the pvp community because they just failed to care about us and pushed so many people quit since then , couldn’t even fix porking before it killed the game for everyone

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Never once in any of the update notes did it say Siptah was going to be in the console update. So what are you so big mad about? Why do you need 200 people on a server to have a good time? There are maybe 5 other people at any given time on the server I play on and I have tons of fun.

You make the game my friend. Now if you are upset about a bug that hasn’t been fix sure I can see the frustration but is the game still playable… I think so.


Buddy I’m a vet wiped many servers when the game was actually populated now there’s absolutely no one playing anyone that’s playing is noobs so no point of Wiping noobs makes the game die even more

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If this game was more like Rust, I wouldn’t play it at all.


Sounds like you’re one of the reasons the game has low pop.


You wiped many servers and now complain that nobody is playing? Why should people play for you to wipe them?

Perhaps you are not a toxic player and are not part of the problem, but it sounds like you are someone I would not want on a server with me.


Porking is why I left came back for the update first thing I notice healing arrows not working lol figured something would be a problem but they knew about it since it released on pc and wasn’t fixed for console release, this game was banging when it was released free full servers then a update killed it porking was found and it was game over for alot of people. I’m playing now and not that into it as I was before, not being able to heal my guys in a fight is a huge inconvenience as I need to run away let him heal then go back into a fight. For me I’m taking on bosses before I should be lol I need those healing arrows to work.

Lmao dude that’s what pvp is about? Before I could wipe a server and expect to find 5-7 other full servers to attempt to wipe now a days not even one server with a full clan it’s completely dead . I’m in 2 discord’s with 500+ people that have all quit conan the past year…

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Nobody said it should be like rust, though? OP said if it had the POPULATION of those other titles.

You just saw the word RUST and went to go furiously type RUST=BAD

I love how OP plays the game mode how its supposed to be played and you call them a toxic person.

Ahh yes, playing the game is what’s killing the population. Good arguement. Its got nothing to do with the rampant cheating, servers that never wipe exploiters and what some would see as a game direction they dont like.

Oh my bad, I forgot PvP is just bad and should be removed from the game.

These forums are so much more toxic than any PvP server I’ve ever been on lmao

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PvP is not about ‘wiping servers’. I’ve been on so many official servers that had clans come in waves whose goal was to ‘wipe the server’. They usually succeed because they have the numbers and time to play.

For example, official 1940 about 2 years ago was hilarious. Probably the best time I’d spent on an official PvP server. We had a war going between 3 clans and every night at 5pm, our entire clans would be on making up about 50% of the server population. We would get into group fights and raids back and forth until 11pm after raid time and this went on for over 3 months. It was all in good fun.

Then, there was a clan that came in whose intentions were to wipe servers. They were not interested in joking around, laughing, or even really playing the game. They literally wanted to come and wipe the players off the server, so they could go onto the next populated server and do the same.

It’s the same story that goes on for every official server.

Don’t tell me this is what the game is about. It’s not.


Good. Then we got rid of 500+ server wipers.

Why would you wipe a server? What is your gain in doing that?

Anyways, i am glad you and your friends quit then :wink:

Edit: 500+ less worries for a new player coming to a official server.


This is such a toxic view. Not everybody is a sweaty exploiting undermeshing animation cancel macro using server wiping degenerate. These forums are so unnecessarily toxic its unreal.

If you genuinely think that 500 current active players leaving “so new players have less worries” you are either trolling or just willfully ignorant. Who do you think these new players are going to fight on their dead servers?

It’s coming close to raid time on official servers, go look how many “new players” are populating the servers.

let me ask you this. Do you really believe him?

It implies Rust is doing something right and to get more pop it should be more like Rust (otherwise there’s no point in referencing it). I’m just saying if it becomes more like Rust, imo that’s terrible.

It was probably referenced because there are not very many other “survival” games with pvp.

Rust is doing something right, that’s why its so popular.

Even if Exiles took a page from their playbook and implemented some monthly wiping pvp servers, it wouldnt effect you but you’d still oppose it because “its like rust”

The number is of course exaggerated but you didnt let me know how many of those new players you saw.

Also, the majority of PvP players are leaving, I’m seeing the same responses and comments across multiple discord servers I’m in, too.


You really think Funcom will leave the 2h animations be so slow? But the way the PvP community reacted to this change( WHICH IS STILL A WIP ) is pathethic. That’s why i leave aswell for good…45 minutes and i am done with forums… I prefer to meet “you” in game then on forums…

As of all these pathetic whiners “This dead” “i quit” “500+ quit” “WWIII”…and their reasons :)))

PvP is toxic and unproductive… ON FORUMS … in game it is what it is…

I know a few that have camed back with Siptah checked it out…Some sticked to it, some stopped and wait for full release.

I do not know any of these crybabies , i do not hang along weak links …Sorry but this is the truth.

I genuinely dont know what you’re even trying to say with that word salad

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It’s not about a single change. The last few updates havent been very good from a PvP perspective. Even though it is a WIP, some people do not like the way the game is going.

So its only okay to be toxic if you’re talking about PvP players… Seems par for the course on these forums.

I applaud you for giving it a try :wink: