Constant bug problem

So there is a bug that keeps on happening it happened 3 months ago before sorcery and is still happening etc… So whenever I log onto a server it “traps” my character. Wherever I was when I logged out I can’t move from there and if I try it keeps on rubber banding me to the spot even if I dodge roll (which puts me in a constant rubber banding dodge roll animation which is actually kind of funny) or jump or do whatever it will pull me back to the same spot and no I don’t have a laggy base and my computer is decent being able to run at 20-30 fps most of the time even around big bases. This bug happens sometimes randomly whenever I am running sometimes too but it’s most annoying when I log onto a server.

The only fix I found is to just relog because it’s been happening for 10 minutes now…

oh and I also play on pc

I tried /kill and respawned in a nearby bedroll and that fixed it so I would suggest logging out near a bedroll

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