Constant "connection lost to server"

It’s been happening for about the past week and I don’t know what the problem is.
I’m just so glad it hasn’t happened while I was fighting something or I’d be really pissed.

Sometimes when I’m around my base, or accessing containers the whole connection to the server drops.
I know this because when you open up the “Player List” it’s completely blank.
I have to sit in the menu and wait for the “connection lost” to come up, and then have the fun time of struggling and trying to reconnect to a server I was literally just on 5 minutes ago.

Finally reconnected after 10 minutes.
This issue really needs to be addressed as the most previous actions are usually null and void - I can usually find myself standing in front of the container I just accessed… but this time when I finally got on the server my character was about 100 ft away from his original position, and almost stuck between palisades and a wall… meaning he was auto-running when the disconnection hit.

Side note and another issue I have constant problems with ~
Thralls following/teleporting.

Why isn’t there an option to call or summon them yet?

Whenever I teleport to a location that’s elevated a bit, like an Obelisk, for instance - Mounds of the Dead
My follower doesn’t know how to climb down. I have to run away to the other end of the body of water and wait a few minutes for him to spawn next to me.

When I’m fighting the Red Mother, I constantly have to run 30 feet away because my follower is melting into the ground.
NPC’s phasing and glitching through maps…
When I’m fighting the overpowered Sunken City spear-boss, if I get him stuck by stun-locking, eventually a hit from my thrall will push him through the wall/map.
When I’m fighting the Queen Scorpion, same issue - my thrall will eventually get it close to a wall and one of his heavy handed swings will push it through the wall/map.
It’s happened to the One-Handed Unnamed City boss, Keeper of the Flame as well, where he’ll lunge and warp through a wall making him impossible to kill.

Happening now while I’m trying to run the Warmaker’s Sanctuary, It’s kind of a pain in the ■■■ because your thrall doesn’t come with you and you begin back at the start, which means my thrall is 1v1’ing the end boss right now…

Happening again now that I’m in the Unnamed City. You guys removed the official “server connectivity” thread so how do we go about reporting an issue now?
This serv is a usual thing on PvE Official #3880.

I can’t even load into the game at this point. I seen a thread for PC, but I’m not sure for PS4 I haven’t seen one. I’m not sure if I should make a new topic for my server…Meh.

It’s been happening all f*****g day for me. It happens at least once every hour for 5 minutes. This is really annoying. I can’t do anything.
I’m in the volcano right now doing a bit of farming and every time it happens I worry that he’s going to auto-run into the lava and sit there long enough to die.
I think they’re aware of it and just doing nothing about it.

Found Erii the Ravager on my gold run, knocked him out and was nearly at my map room/thrall wheel when ANOTHER disconnection hits. Auto-ran from the Terrace of Tenders to the Shrine of the Oracle and now I have NO IDEA where the heck this guy I had on my bindings went.

Well, I definitely understand your frustration. I do have my fingers crossed for you that you’re safely resting in a place away from the lava. I don’t think they’re doing nothing, it’s probably just not a simple fix. I do hope they figure it out soon though.

Is anyone else on your server having the same problem . Funcom guys are sure to ask when they read this.

Earlier yes, somebody in my server - a lower level who I was helping was experiencing the same issues. We were in PSN party chat and when I could tell the signs I was being disconnected from the server, right after he said he was disconnected as well.

It will be Monday morning before funcom reads this. If you want to experiment try jumping on my server WRYM’S BANE and see what happens .have not had any crashes or problems there. Could help determine whether you have a server issue or something else.

It’s definitely not my internet if that’s what you’re implying. I’ve DMZ’d my PS4 and whenever the server drops, my computer / phone / PSN are still connected and fine.

Darn I had hoped it was something easily fixed. Well Good Luck to you. Catch you on the other side.

Hello @Vampurrrism, thank you for reaching out!

We’ve looked into Server #3880 and there haven’t been any unusual crashes or server load within the past days, have you had the chance to try different servers to see whether the issue persists?

Also, is your PS4 on a wired connection?

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