Constant crashes during a purge over and over again

getting crashes during a purge over and over again, and last time i got kicked in the loading screen. is there any way to fix that?

was have this today on x box too lost connection a coupel of times

yeah had it for a while here impossible to play and enjoy the game

Welcome to the forums. Use your consoles section to report your issue on the bug section.
Don’t forget to give as much information you can

I have suffered too, like 30 disconnections today and yesterday, its really annoying and disappointing. The other thing that is really surprising and equally disappointing is that in the Conan Exile Department of the Funcom Company, seems that no one takes responsibility for all this mess. Time after time we see tons of bugs and problems and no one seems to take responsibility. Its like a company run by amateurs. Its sad to see the incompetence of a few is ruining the fun of all the playerbase, I hope Fumcom puts more capable workers on those jobs in the future.

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