Constantly Drowning on Respawn

Funcom… really, you didn’t catch this bug. Everytime I die or any player dies and they respawn, we get the bug of BEWARE TURN AROUND UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE, and then poof over and over dying… almost like the green wall wasn’t mapped right…

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Hey there, was this on singleplayer or official server? Can you get the approximate location of where this happens?

Hey there, its on a dedicated server with no mods besides Pippi. The bug is happening on the North west, South west of the map as far as I know. We even have an admin trying to teleport people and the players still die in a never ending loop. On the map its showing us to be farther out in the water when we respawn to where we are actually on land.

Recreating character also doesnt work, we’ve tried it multiple times and we still die.

Can you completely disable Pippi and see if that works? So we can rule that out if it’s not it. Thanks!

Defs not a Funcom bug.

I believe this is/was due to Pippi settings (BDSM) being restored to the new Siptah map.

Warp settings were imported and spawn point override kicked in which started spawning players at a location that is no longer valid thus the drowning continuously. :smirk:


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