Construction suggestion

Could you place make all wallpieces rotate :sweat_smile:

There are left and right pieces for your case, but I would like to see option to rotate piece after it is placed (if you placed it on a wrong side for example).

It would be nice to get better indicator of front side or better preview with all details how it would look for all pieces. Upgrading ceilings must be done from below at this moment, and upgrading wedges is just impossible


Thanks. I should not build when tired. I do however have a new problem. I cant place rooftops ontop of the left piece. Since you helped me before maybe you know how to fix this. Before I bugpost it…

Yes it have to be more clear wher hre front is, same whit craft stations so the thralls not ends upp on wrong side and in/outside the walls.

  1. equip a repair hammer and see if that piece has enough stability to support the roof.
  2. if it is try attach your roof to the next roof piece behind it (“behind” according to this picture), needs a bit of fiddling but doable, as long as the underlying wall piece has more than 20 stability.

Also I found you can have a better time attaching roofs from below them.

But in this case I suspect that you don’t have enough stability to support that roof.
If so put a ceiling with a diagonal support under it and then the roof above.

Plot thickens. The wall that refuses to support my roof has a higher stability then the one that is supporting a roofpiece.

Heres hoping the patch tomorrow fixes it.

Yeah I can see those should hold that roof just fine. (everything above 20 is “good”)
have you tried to attach that roof to the one roof piece NEXT to it? So not aiming at the wall but rather the roof pieces themself.

Or try to put a ceiling just under where that roof piece will be and maybe try to destroy it afterwards.

These are the one things I can think of atm.

I did. Also removed them all trying to attach the wall before anything around it. Nothing seems to work with that left piece…

Just reset my play after official launch. Will try again later.

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