Construction: Unable to place 'Stations' on top of Wedge Foundation blocks

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Europe

Unable to place large ‘stations’ (Greater Wheel of pain/ Map room) on top of circular foundation build. You either get “Not aligned with the ground” or “not enough contact with the ground” error message

Observation: Wedge Foundation peices are not calculated as valid foundation blocks for ‘stations’

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Using foundations, Build a Circle base of about 6 rings large.
  2. Craft a Wheel of Pain or Map room ot something similar
  3. Attempt to place the station directly in the centre of the circle foundation
  4. Observer Errors.
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I had that exactly same problem.

yeah its a pain in the ■■■, when you build a nice circle but you can put anything in it :persevere::persevere:

You do have to get just the right placement. It can be a pain. Kind of like chests on shelves from another post I found. But it can be done.

I have the same issue right now, very unhappy.

Still not fixed…

On the two rings of foundations, I could not set the “Pit of Yog” temple, I made another ring and I could set up the temple in the middle. Then I removed one of the rings so that it was something I want.
Annoying error but managed to get around, always make 1-2 rings more than you need.

My round room was 10 Rings deep i could place it somewhere in the Room, but not exactly in the center. Also, With the room being so large, you can place a roof either becuase of structural intergrity.