Construction zones on pve and pve-c

Please limit the construction zones on the pve and pve-c servers, there are bosses that do not appear because of people who build trash near the boss’ respawn, I stopped playing this game 3 times for it, I have the game since the EA and it’s been 2 years and they still haven’t done something as basic as that.

The map is beawtifull and very large and there is room for everyone, most of the servers almost always have around 10 people and almost never exceed 20, there is no point in allowing construction in such beautiful places, the emblematic places are totally ruined by a user who came up with putting a wall in a place, bosses do not appear, resource nodes are lost, it is such a good game but at the same time so poorly cared that I’m seriously thinking about buying ARK and stop play conan exiles, and it’s not because of the game, because the game is beautiful and it’s really epic, it’s because of the lack of interest of the developers in making the game enjoyable

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