Contacting server admin

I use a dedicated server to play with my partner.

The server hasn’t been patched, so I can’t play at the moment. Judging by the forums this seems to be a blessing this time.

Does anyone know a way of finding contact details for server admins?

I usually get a message about it when I log in, but of course I can’t log in right now.

I can see the server on the list if I tick show invalid, but I can’t see any info.

Any help would be great.

I don’t think you’re able to find it online, unlike server mod info and so on.

However, from what you’re saying I think that you play on an unofficial server? If so, yes at least your server has an admin/a moderator that should be able to be contacted when they’re on.

If you could note down all the server info that’s available to you; Number, official/unofficial, device, region and IP, with port of course (IP:Port)
I’ll flag the post so staff knows this server may need to be patched.

And ps: since it has been two days, I’d like to know of this issue still persists.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the dedicated server being out of date. Unfortunately, Funcom isn’t able to update non-official servers. You may need to contact the admin of the server to get it updated. Unfortunately, if they didn’t leave a means of contacting server admins on the server, you may need to ask around the server community for assistance. I wish you the best of luck getting this resolved!

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